RAK fireworks, Marjan Island

Ras Al Khaimah: As many as 107 police patrols will be deployed on all the vital roads and intersections of Ras Al Khaimah to enhance security and safety, and ensure a smooth flow of traffic during the New Year celebrations, police said on Thursday.

A joint and unified security plan was developed between the participating parties, each according to its specialisation.

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The plan includes allocating more than 25,000 parking spaces for the public in anticipation of the expected large public attendance.

Brigadier General Jamal Ahmed Al Tair, Acting Commander-in-Chief of Ras Al Khaimah Police, confirmed the completion of preparations for welcoming the new year 2024 by deploying107 traffic patrols, in addition to the vehicles of other departments participating in securing the main celebration area located on Al Marjan Island, which is expected to be attended by tens of thousands of people from inside and outside the emirate to watch the massive fireworks.

Ras Al Khaimah is set to make history once again by attempting to break not one, but two Guinness World Records with its spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

Preventive measures

Preventive measures by the Civil Defence Department will also be in place to deal with any emergencies.

Brigadier Al Tair said: “The Ras Al Khaimah Police General Command has developed an integrated security plan for a successful and ideal outcome of the celebration activities, where advanced technology solutions will be utilised to protect individuals and property through the application of the “smart surveillance” system emanating from the ‘Safe City’ project to monitor roads, event venues and crowd gathering points, while harnessing all efforts to organise and secure movement, event sites and fireworks displays, providing instructions to visitors and the necessary logistical support for them, and providing first aid services.”

Brigadier Al Tair added: “The security, traffic and tourist police patrols will be deployed at all celebration sites and the waterfront of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah to secure the celebrations in an effort to make community members happy, support the quality of security life in Ras Al Khaimah, and in implementation of the strategy of the Ministry of Interior.”

The plan also includes the following:

  • 402 police officers
  • 404 members of private security companies
  • 7 ambulances
  • 1 helicopter
  • 4 operation rooms
  • 4 sea rescue boats
  • 10 civil defense vehicles
  • 10 bicycles
  • 3 cranes
  • 4 land rescue patrols
  • 16 scooter
  • 3 golf carts
  • 8 traffic sergeants
  • 6 drones and
  • 12 vehicle tugs.

Brigadier Al Tair said that all preparations have been completed to usher in the New Year in collaboration with the strategic partners in the emirate.

The official urged the public to follow the official social media accounts of Ras Al Khaimah Police to stay updated on all alerts and instructions that will be posted by the authorities.

Come early

He also advised New Year revellers to come early to avoid traffic jams, Main roads leading to Al Marjan Island, will be closed for vehicular traffic at 10pm on New Year eve.

Security measures
• Activating the “smart surveillance” system to monitor roads, event locations, and crowd gathering points

• Organising and securing transportation, event sites, and fireworks displays

• Providing instructions to visitors and providing first aid services

• Intensifying the presence of security, traffic and tourist police patrols at all celebration sites

• 25,000 parking spaces for the public