The inaugural event under this alliance, the Future Women Leaders Forum 2024, took place in Dubai on International Women’s Day.

Dubai: Gulf News is announcing a new partnership with Being She, a leading women’s organisation committed to curating events and initiatives specifically for women in the UAE. This collaboration seeks to leverage resources and expertise to empower women, marking a significant step towards their advancement.

Together, Gulf News and Being She aim to create inclusive events and opportunities for women of all ages, professions and backgrounds, recognisng the unique perspectives and contributions they bring to society. This partnership underscores a commitment to addressing the challenges women face and promoting their meaningful participation in diverse spheres.

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Upcoming initiatives include an event planned for Emirati Women’s Day in August, as well as a prestigious Business Excellence Awards for Women. Additionally, there will be an Annual Fashion and Talent Show targeting universities across the UAE, showcasing the diverse talents and aspirations of young women in the region.

The inaugural event under this alliance, the Future Women Leaders Forum 2024, took place in Dubai on International Women’s Day. This forum convened women leaders dedicated to unlocking leadership potential and fostering positive change on both national and global levels. It featured a diverse mix of distinguished and emerging female leaders gathering to exchange insights, delve into various aspects of leadership within contemporary workplaces, and champion inclusivity in today’s dynamic world.

Prominent speakers and panelists included Katy Holmes, CEO, British Chamber of Commerce Dubai, Ghada Sawalmah, CEO, Gargash Hospital, Dr. Jean Shahdadpuri, Managing Director, Nikai Group of Companies, Muna Al Ghurair, Group Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Mashreq and Shamsa Al Falasi, CEO, UAE Onshore, Citi Bank, among others.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Being She, a leading women’s organisation in the UAE. This joint venture signifies our commitment to supporting exclusive women initiatives and empowering brands to connect with their target audience effectively,” David George, Publisher – Commercial, Gulf News.

“Our print and digital platforms are effective conduits for brands who want to build meaningful connections with female audiences, and this reinforces our longstanding commitment to women’s empowerment,” says George. “Being She has impact and influence in several spheres, which makes them an ideal partner as we work together to increase participation and prominence on women’s issues and causes,” he explained.

Aparna Bajpai, Founder of Being She, says the pooling of resources and networks with Gulf News will drive innovation, bolster growth, and increase the impact of women-led events in the UAE. “We are confident that the community of women residing in the UAE will enjoy impactful connections,” she said. “They will be able to elevate their personal and business networks through this partnership and the events and forums we create exclusively for them.”

The new partnership aims to create events and offer new opportunities to women across all age groups and professions, and socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

George emphasised focus on the many roles that women can play – effectively and equitably – as is being continuously proven in the UAE. “Women have unique needs and unique perspectives, and we are particularly inspired by women who excel in areas that are traditionally reserved for men, or are still largely male-dominated,” he said.

“We have to seek the value and wealth women bring to these tables, and our events aim to address some of the issues they continue to face.”