Model house
A model of the house to be built in a village planned for the flood-victims in Balochistan by the Pakistan Association in Dubai

Dubai: The Pakistan Association in Dubai (PAD) has announced that it will build a model village for the flood-hit people back home.

“After providing the flood victims with immediate humanitarian relief, we have now moved on to the second phase of our campaign — rehabilitation,” the association said in a press release.

After hitting most parts of Balochistan province, the community group said, the floods have inflicted huge losses to lives, property, businesses, agricultural fields, orchards and infrastructure. Even worse is the deteriorating health and environmental conditions in the province.

“Drinking water sources have been contaminated with flood waters and use of such contaminated water results in waterborne and vector borne diseases; malaria and typhoid are becoming rampant doubled with skin related infections and diseases. The most vulnerable communities of the province are currently facing a major crisis,” said Dr Faisal Ikram, President of PAD.

PAD said it aims to build a model village for the people of Balochistan in collaboration with Al Khidmat Foundation Balochistan.

Flood relief PAD
Pakistan Association in Dubai has so far provided Dh3.75 million worth of aid to flood victims in Pakistan. Image Credit:

Multiple facilities.

Shahid Islam, a senior PAD member, told Gulf News that the model would be completed by end of March. “We have been providing relief goods to flood victims but we decided to launch this project as we wanted to do something to be remembered and to give inspiration to others. We will soon name this village as well,” Islam added.

The model village which will have 64 new homes, medical dispensary, a mosque, a school, a playground and park area, and water sanitation project with a solar power system. It is expected to be built in Sehpad Goth, Gandacha Jageer, tehsil and district in Lasbela.

“The Lasbela district in Balochistan has been one of the worst affected areas in the floods and the beneficiaries are 600 poor people of the district. The project duration is three months. The construction will begin on the January 1, 2023 and is proposed to complete by the March 31. Our partners on the ground, Al Khidmat Pakistan have supported our local relief efforts and will facilitate this multi-component project. Through concerted efforts by the Pakistani community in the UAE, we aim for this project to be of great social benefit to the people of Lasbela,” the association stated.

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Community contribution

Dr Ikram urged the community to come forward and play their role in making this project a success. “Earlier when we launched this campaign, we envisioned to build this model village. There was several paperwork and logistics which we had to ensure was well-aligned to help this project materialise. We remain grateful to Community Development Authority (CDA), Dar Al Ber Society and Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities for their continuous efforts to facilitate our relief work. For donations, I request you to please visit the website of PAD and be a part of this noble cause,” said Dr Ikram.

The model village is built across 64,000 square feet area, wherein 64 one room houses, with attached bath and a kitchen will be constructed. It will have a medical dispensary, a school, a mosque, a park / playground and a solar power system operated water project, with sanitation and sewage facilities, to provide clean water. Sixteen clusters of houses will be spread out while each cluster will have 4 houses. Each house will have a room, with a washroom, a kitchen, a door and a window. Additionally, fan, lights, electricity and sewerage lines with access to clean water will also be available.

Anonymous donor for mosque

In the entire project, the mosque, dispensary and the solar power system operated water project have already been sponsored. The Pakistani community in the UAE has joined hands to help Pakistan’s hardest hit areas recover from one the worst floods in the country’s history, the association said.

One of the donors, who has sponsored the mosque, was quoted as saying on condition of anonymity: “I was waiting for PAD to announce this because I’ve been meaning to build a mosque there. We know that homes and villages have been swept way. This is my and my family’s way of supporting the rehabilitation of our countrymen in Balochistan.”

House cost

For the construction of the houses, Dh6000 will be the cost of these houses. The materials being used are low-cost without compromising on the quality. The sub structure will be built using cement, sand and crush. Masonry work will be done using blocks, cement and sand. For the super structure, blocks, cement and sand will be used. Internal and external plaster work will be carried out using cement and sand. The floor is to be made with hilly sand and the roof precast will be girder with slab, cement for filling for the door and window. Electric work will consist of switch board with button, pipe and socket, for a fan, lights and wire connection. The bathroom will have an Indian seat and proper plumbing work.

How it works

The planning, procurement, transportation and distribution of relief items will be documented, supervised and executed by Provincial Coordinator (Disaster Management). Each activity of the project will be monitored closely to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. After thorough monitoring and evaluation, the project status will be communicated to the donor as per the agreed reporting schedule, the association said.

“PAD has always tried to play an instrumental role in providing humanitarian assistance to Pakistan in times of crisis, through the swift mobilisation of our community. It is heartwarming to witness the support of people from all walks of life, and humbling to be able to help our people recover through this challenging period.”

In the previous phase of our campaign, approximately Dh3.75 million worth of aid, 435 tonnes of relief and 15 containers (40ft) have been dispatched of December 14. The containers consisted of 5700+ food packages, over 20,000kg clothes, and more than 21,000kg dry ration. For more details about participation in the village project are available at PAD website and their office in Dubai.

How to help
• Sponsor a House for Dh6,000
• Sponsor a Mosque for Dh50,000
• Sponsor a School for Dh45,000
• Sponsor a water project and solar power system for Dh50,000