commander in chief visits department
Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, reviewed the community initiatives Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police, represented by the General Department of Community Happiness, had carried out 22 community-based initiatives, which benefited 1,012,934 individuals in 2021.

These statistics were revealed during an annual General Department of Community Happiness inspection visit carried out by the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri.


Lt Gen Al Marri reviewed the Department of Community Relations endeavours during 2021 and was presented with many achievements, including signing 205 memoranda, establishing 247 partnerships that involved 52 strategic partners and 195 key partners in various fields such as security, service, administration, and traffic.


Lt Gen Al Marri was also briefed on the marketing campaigns organised by the department, which reached 44 since the beginning of the current year, compared to 78 in 2021. Those campaigns contributed to promoting safety and security, efficiently and effectively developing institutional performance, enhancing happiness, improving quality of life, and developing human capital. It is worth noting that the Dubai Police participated in nine exhibitions this year compared to seven the year before.

Fulfilling wishes

The Commander-in-Chief was also introduced to the Child’s Happiness initiative, which aims to fulfil children’s wishes to change their negative perception of police officers and spread happiness; in which 21 initiatives were carried out this year, benefiting 54 children. One of the initiatives fulfilled a cancer-stricken European child’s wish.

Awareness drives

The senior officers of the department summarised during the presentation the number of raise-awareness campaigns conducted in 2021 in the criminal, traffic, institutional and societal fields, which comprised 14 campaigns, compared to seven the year before. They have also mentioned the successful hosting of the Ripe Market, which attracted 152,352 visitors in the 2020-2021 season compared to 38,000 in the 2019-2020 season.

They also presented several programmes in 2021, including the Foreign Communities Awareness Programme, which organised 27 events intending to raise security education among communities and strengthen community communication and cooperation to benefit 7,327 beneficiaries, compared to 49 events in 2020, benefiting 92,890 beneficiaries.

In addition to the Rising Generation and Youth Programme, which carried out 31 events in 2021 compared to 24 in 2020, and the ‘Live like a Hero’ programme, which aims to urge young people to practice sports and raise their awareness of good values and morals, benefited 1,112 people.


Lt Gen Al Marri was briefed on the Sports Affairs Department’s achievements, including winning the Sports Excellence Shield of the Police Sports Federation Championship in the 2021-2022 season. Dubai Police sports teams participated in 92 championships in 2021, including 11 police championships that benefited 126 beneficiaries and 69 community-based titles that benefited 503 beneficiaries, and 12 international titles that benefited 47 beneficiaries. The Force sports teams also recorded 172 sporting achievements, winning 83 gold medals, 68 bronze, and 52 silver medals.

Adding to the great victories, the Dubai Police team also participated in the World Police Games in Rotterdam, Netherlands, this year and won nine gold, one silver and three bronze medals.

Security media

He went over the indicators of public interaction with the media content published on police accounts on social media platforms, which achieved a steep increase in 2021 compared to 2020, in which the total number of views on all Dubai Police accounts on social media platforms reached 205,307,320 views in 2021.

‘Positive Spirit’

Toward the end of the visit, Lt Gen Al Marri appraised the Positive Spirit Initiative outcomes during 2021 and was informed of the success that the initiative brought with 78 events that benefited 17,613 people with a satisfaction rate of 96 per cent. The events witnessed a significant number of volunteers from both inside and outside the force (641 from Dubai Police and 156 from the public).