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Most UAE residents were buoyant as the nation moved to a new workweek from today. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: January 3, 2022, marks the start to the new workweek in the UAE. Are residents comfortable with Monday as the first working day of the week? How was the transition from Sunday to Monday as the start of the workweek? What adjustments did they make? Did they experience any ‘Monday blues’?

Indian expatriate M. Unnikrishnan, a corporate communications officer at VPS Healthcare, told Gulf News: “All of us are embracing the New Year with high hopes and it is always good to have a fresh start in the year. The new weekend transition in the UAE has helped in that front.”

M. Unnikrishnan

"The new weekend system will add more vigour and fun to life,” noted Unnikrishnan, adding: “As for me, working in health care has always been challenging and the job is very demanding. Particularly, when we are all fighting another COVID-19 surge. We hope the new weekend system will help all of us maintain a better balance between work and life," Unnikrishnan said.

‘In sync with rest of the world’

Ismail Tekin

British national Ismail Tekin, founder and managing partner at Lambert & Co, also welcomed the transition from Sunday to Monday as it made the UAE in sync with the rest of the world in terms of working days.

He said on Day 1 of the new workweek here in the UAE: “The transition was fine as I’m accustomed to these working days, being from London. I think it’s better. We’re synced with the rest of the world.” Tekin, however, made some adjustments as he had to reschedule some of the supplier engagements and let the clients know about the new UAE workweek.

‘Most beneficial for expats’

Arvin Ian M. Aliviano

Filipino expat Arvin Ian M. Aliviano, Bowls Avenue administrator, said: “Having weekends on Saturdays and Sundays is most beneficial for expats who normally have routine activities on Sundays, such as going to church and video-chatting with family and relatives.”

Dr Annalee Soliven Agrito

“It is really much better, moving the weekends to Saturdays and Sundays,” added compatriot Dr Annalee Soliven Agrito, a Filipina dentist and founder of Bonny Vivers.

She said: “Now, I can video-chat with my family in the Philippines during the new weekends.”

‘No Monday blues’

Franz Angeles

Working mum Franz Angeles, partner at Chef Signature, noted: “There is absolutely no Monday blues for me. Starting the workweek on Mondays is much better for me, a working mother. I can spend my full mummy duties aligned to kids’ weekends as they are in school from Monday to Friday. This is a great move indeed by the UAE.”

Karl D'Souza

Indian expat, Karl D’Souza, who works as a marketing specialist, also agreed that it’s a good decision by the UAE Government. He explained: “Now, it’s easier to liaise and connect with my colleagues who work in Europe and Asia as we have more common work days in the week. The new weekend also helps with catching up with friends and family back in India, now that we both have the same weekends.”

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Muhammad Irfan Usman

“Things really look very promising,” added Pakistani business development manager Muhammad Irfan Usman. “I’m expecting some Monday blues later, but I had a wonderful start this Monday,” he continued.

'Some adjustments'

Zain Muhammad

Another Pakistani expatriate, Zaim Muhammad, managing director at a travel agency, meanwhile, said: “It is still too early to feel the transition with start of the new week on a very first Monday of the year. Coming off a long weekend also added to a slow start at work. But since I’m into the travel business, it is always good to work with the global markets and the new workweek matches the days of exchanges worldwide,” he added. Muhammad continued: “It is best to start the workweek on a Monday as it will help my business in carrying the commercial and financial transactions, in line with international markets.”