Tauseef Shaikh Emirates Draw winner
Tauseef Shaikh matched five out of seven numbers in the first Emirates Draw this 2023. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Meet the first winners of the Emirates Draw this 2023.

UAE resident Tauseef Shaikh won Dh77,777 by matching five out of seven numbers in the main draw. The 36-year-old Indian national said he has been purchasing two to three monthly entries from Emirates Draw since its launch.

Shaikh, a UAE resident for seven years, said: “I was thinking that here is another year that is going to be just the same, but then I saw the congratulatory email from Emirates Draw, and my perception drastically changed.”

Shaikh said he will use his winnings to help his family back home. He advises others to play the game and discover the joy of winning, “My friends and my colleagues at my workplace are celebrating my win by participating in the next game.”

Lucky father of two

Indian expat Kesavan Gurusamy, 47, is another lucky Emirates Draw winner in the New Year. The engineer started playing Emirates Draw just a few days after its launch. The father-of-two said when he submitted his entry for the New Year draw, his son’s university fees was playing on his mind. “I thought to myself if I win any prize, amount it will help fulfil my responsibility.”

Gurusamy said following his win, he will be sharing a share to help needy students.

Other winners

Lebanese expat Lama Rihana, and British national Brenda Whelan were among the 19 raffle winners winning Dh10,000 each.

Rihana, said she came across the Emirates Draw while surfing the net. She has been a regular participant since. The 40-year-old registered nurse and manager at a healthcare facility won Dh10,000 in the New Year’s game.

“I have to say I had doubts about winning and the game’s authenticity, but when I finally did, it proved to be a turning point. The whole game journey is crystal clear and guides you throughout your participation with notifications and updates. I am delighted with my cash prize and intend to use it to travel around Europe this coming summer!” she said excitedly.

Whelan, 46, is excited with her win. Whelan, who has lived in the UAE for almost a decade and works as a primary school teacher, said it was on the morning before New Year’s Eve, when she read the news of an Emirates Draw winner’s story.

She was inspired to participate in the draw, and decided to register and by her first-ever ticket.

Whelan said: “I have not participated much in raffles and have, in fact, never won anything in my life, so this has been a delightful experience. It is a great way to start the New Year.”

She said she is now looking forward to a family vacation more than ever.

“I have told everyone at my workplace, and they are all trying their luck with this amazing game!”

The exclusive Dh180 million Grand Prize, the largest in the MENA and Asia regions, is yet to be claimed by a single person or group of people who match all seven numbers from the right.

The next draw is on Sunday, January 8 2023, at 9 pm UAE time.

The upcoming game will be live streamed across Emirates Draw’s digital platforms, YouTube, Facebook, and website! For more information, call the toll-free number 800 7777 7777 or visit www.emiratesdraw.com.