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The Community Police Department in Ajman played a pivotal role in facilitating the man's heartfelt reunion with his loved ones. Image Credit: Supplied

Ajman: After three years of treatment in the country, a 57-year-old Asian man was reunited with his family, thanks to the Ajman Police, who aided in securing travel procedures to his homeland.

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This effort was conducted in collaboration with the administration of Sheikh Khalifa Masfoot Hospital. The Ajman Police General Command, particularly through its Community Police Department, played a pivotal role in facilitating the man’s heartfelt reunion with his loved ones.

Major Dr Fatima Obaid Al Shamsi, Head of the Community Police Department, said that the 57-year-old man was involved in a run-over accident, as a result of which he was permanently disabled.

He remained in the hospital for three years, where he received appropriate care.

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Major Dr Fatima Obaid Al Shamsi confirmed that all essential travel arrangements had been finalized in collaboration with both Dubai Airport and the man's home airport. Special consideration was given to the individual's determination and special travel requirements. Image Credit: Supplied

To fulfill his request and wish, as none of his family members were present, the Ajman Police General Command took the initiative by fulfilling his request and returning him to his home country to meet his family and receive health and home care from them.

Travel procedures

Major Al Shamsi said that all necessary travel procedures had been completed in coordination with Dubai Airport and his home airport, keeping in mind that the man is a person of determination and needed special travel arrangements.

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The man, who spent three years in hospital in the UAE following a run-over incident, was finally reunited with his family, thanks to the intervention of Ajman Police.

A team from Ajman Police accompanied the man to the airport and kept track of him until he arrived in his homeland and met his family.

His family received him and expressed a message of sincere thanks to the General Command of Ajman Police for its social responsibility, interest, and exerting all necessary efforts to return him to his homeland, wishing them continued excellence and success.