Ajman: A man caught and saved a child thrown from the second floor of a burning apartment building by his desperate mother, Ajman Civil Defence said on Monday.

While the three-year-old boy escaped unscathed, the Asian mother who jumped after her son suffered multiple injuries. Also injured was an Arab man who jumped from the first floor of the burning building, while a family of seven also had to be rescued.

Lieutenant Colonel Raeed Obaid Al Zua’abi, deputy director of the stations department at Ajman Civil Defence, said "A blaze engulfed a residential building in the Al Nuaimiya 2 area of Ajman.”

The residential building in Ajman’s Al Nuaimiya 2 area. Image Credit: Supplied

“An Asian mother threw her child from the second floor and a man passing by caught the child. She jumped after him and sustained multiple injuries,” he added. Al Zua’abi added that an Arab man also jumped from the first floor and both the man and the mother were transferred to hospital, while the child sustained no injuries.

“Ajman Civil Defence vehicles and ambulances went to the scene and evacuated people from the residential building and controlled the fire. Firefighters also rescued a family of seven people who were still in the building,” Al Zua’abi added.

He said the fire started near a freezer and washing machine kept in the corridor of the building, which caused thick, black smoke in two floors of the building.

The site was handed over to the forensics department to investigate the cause of the fire.

Al Zu’abi, urged owners of buildings and residents not to store things in corridors or in the way of emergency exits.

“Residents shouldn’t store goods in corridors or near emergency exits,” he said. “Building owners should check the electrical cables on machines and residents should follow evacuation instructions in case of fire,” he added.