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ALLEN Overseas students from the Middle East have delivered yet again in the JEE Mains 2024 results -97 per cent of them would qualify for NITs (based on last year’s DASA criteria) and 29 per cent of them have already qualified for JEE Advanced 2024 (including country toppers and 100 percentile scorers).

ALLEN has been a household name in India with a 36-year legacy of producing toppers - this year, ALLEN India students secured 3 of the top 5 All India ranks (1, 2, and 4) in JEE Mains 2024. When it comes to the Middle East, with five years of operations catering to 10,000 students, ALLEN Overseas continues to follow the same trend with impressive results in both the JEE Main 2024 sessions. The All India Rank (AIR) or Common Rank List (CRL), along with the percentile, was recently released with the announcement of results, where ALLEN Overseas students showcased their exceptional performance.

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A total of 12 students, each with their unique journey and dedication, scored above the 99 percentile in the JEE Main 2024. Top in the chart is Yatharth Samirkumar Shah, a two-year programme student at ALLEN Overseas UAE Centre, who has secured CRL 190 with 99.99 percentile and a perfect 100 percentile in physics. Farhan Al Zayed from ALLEN Kuwait secured CRL 488, with 99.97 percentile and a perfect 100 percentile in physics while Janani Rajesh Kumar from ALLEN Saudi Arabia secured 99.86 percentile.

Adding to the victory, ALLEN UAE has seven more students who have demonstrated exceptional performance - Mohamed Shaheem, Parth Kohli, Naga Vamsi Krishna Vempati, Mohammed Faheem, Harshil Harshad Viradia, Shantosh Ravi, Naman Mittal with percentile scores of 99.53, 99.51, 99.41, 99.37, 99.16, 99.08 and 99.06 respectively. Each of these students has a unique story of perseverance and hard work. Sriprahlad Mukunthan from Bahrain secured 99.44 percentile, and Aarish Arvind from Qatar secured 99.24 percentile, while Sanjana Parigi from ALLEN UAE scored a perfect 100 percentile in physics. ALLEN Overseas students continue to excel, with 46 securing a 95 percentile and above and 82 attaining 90 percentile and above. These results are a testimony to the power of hard work and dedication.

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The commitment to fostering future engineers has been underlined by the success of 74 students who qualified for the JEE Advanced 2024. This significant number of qualifiers is a testament to the quality of education and the scale that ALLEN Overseas brings to the table. Recently, ALLEN Overseas had expanded its footprint by launching more centres to cater to the soaring demand from students and parents alike, with overwhelmingly positive feedback for the ongoing classes.

The key reason for ALLEN Overseas’ appeal to parents is its focus on all students alike. Ninety-seven per cent of its students have secured ranks that qualify them for admission into the NITs, including DASA seats (based on last year’s cutoffs). ALLEN Overseas takes immense pride in its students' achievements, which reflect their commitment and hard work in succeeding in India's most prestigious engineering entrance exam.

At ALLEN Overseas, the narrative is not just about toppers securing ranks and other students qualifying for top engineering colleges such as the NITs. It is also about constantly pursuing excellence and persevering - as witnessed in the significant improvement in individual scores of students between the January and April attempts. Three such examples are captured below of students improving from 97 percentile to 99.44 percentile, 73.96 percentile to 90.63 percentile and 76.34 percentile to 90.24 percentile.

Sriprahlad Mukunthan expressed his gratitude to ALLEN Overseas Bahrain for their support and guidance during his exam preparation. He said that their personalised study plan and microanalysis of his January attempt were invaluable tools that helped him achieve a remarkable 99.44 percentile in the JEE Main April attempt, a significant improvement from his 97 percentile in the January attempt.

Aryan Ashwin Parab's journey stands as a shining example of the effectiveness of ALLEN Overseas’ academic experts. They boosted his confidence by motivating him and providing him with question papers that helped him overcome his exam fear. With their constant support, Aryan's JEE Main score jumped from 73.96 percentile to 90.63 percentile.

Mohammed Namir Langoti thanked ALLEN Overseas Saudi Arabia for theirsupport, guidance, and motivation throughout his preparation. He mentioned that with the help of the faculty members, he improved his score from 76.34 percentile to 90.24 percentile. The academic team played a pivotal role in planning his studies, providing him with practice test papers, and helping him clear his doubts.

“We are proud of our student’s outstanding performance in the JEE Main 2024,” says Keshav Maheshwari, Managing Director of ALLEN Overseas. “This phenomenal achievement is a testament to our student’s hard work and commitment to their goals, which have paid off, as well as the unwavering support of their parents and the tireless efforts of our faculties. We extend our heartiest congratulations to all the students who will make it to the top engineering colleges and best wishes to all the students who are qualified for the JEE Advanced; we have complete faith that they will excel in this exam as well.”

The National Testing Agency (NTA) announced the JEE Main 2024 Session 2 results on its official website on April 24. The exam was conducted in two sessions across 291 cities in Session 1 (January) and 391 cities in Session 2 (April), including 21 and 22 cities outside India, respectively. ALLEN Overseas extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the students who have achieved remarkable results in JEE Main 2024.

Classes for the 2024-25 session commenced in April at ALLEN Overseas across the six GCC countries in both offline and online modes, and the response from students and parents has been overwhelmingly positive. Those who wish to enroll in ALLEN Overseas courses can appear in the ALLEN Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT) to secure up to 50 per cent scholarship.

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