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(Clockwise) Winners of the latest Mahzooz Draw including Khalid, Anish, Muhammad and Mohammed

Dubai: Khalid, an Indian businessman based in Sharjah, is the lucky winner of a brand-new SUV during the special Ramadan draw by Mahzooz. Khalid, who is a regular participant at the weekly draw, said this was the first time he won from Mahzooz.

His ticket ID13166467 was picked to win the luxury SUV. He said: “I have been in the UAE for 26 years and I always had a feeling that one day, I will win something. When my nephew called to tell me that I won the Nissan Patrol, I was very surprised.”

Three other lucky winners bagged Dh100,000 each in the regular weekly draw, while 36 winners shared the Dh11 million second prize after matching four out five winning numbers (8-9-18-34-40. Moreover, 1,750 other participants matched three out of five numbers and bagged the third prize of Dh350 each.

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Eid gifts

The winning raffle IDs 13841834, 13878885 and 13906195, belonged to Muhammad, Mohammed and Anish respectively, who were very grateful for having received such generous prizes during the Eid weekend.

Hailing from Pakistan, Mohammed, 41, who owns a small transportation company in the UAE said he will be using the prize money to grow his business and create more job opportunities for his community members. “I am relatively new to Mahzooz as I have been participating in the draw only for the past two months. I was watching the live show when I saw my ID number on the screen. I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said.

Juice maker

Indian expat Mohammed, 26, who works as a juice maker at a lounge in Downtown Dubai, meanwhile, said he got a call from his brother in Qatar to inform him about the win. He said: “I have been participating in Mahzooz for over a year, and this win has finally restored my faith in luck”. On how he will use the prize money, Mohammad said he will use it to renovate his small house in his hometown.

Anish, who is also from India, has a different plan for his prize money. He said: “Besides paying off my loans, I will save the rest of the money to secure the future of my daughters.

The 33-year-old Oman-based quality controller added: “I recently joined Mahzooz in February after I heard about it from my friends in Oman. I will encourage more of my friends to participate in the upcoming draws.”

How to join?

The top prize of Dh10 million is again up for grabs in the next Mahzooz live draw that will be held on Saturday, March 26, at 9pm (UAE time). Next draw’s second prize will be also be Dh2 million. Entrants can participate by registering on Mahzooz app and website, and purchasing a bottle of water for Dh35.