Dr Raja Esa Al Gurg and Dr Abdulkareem Al Olama with Indian community representatives at an event organised by the IBPC Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC) in Dubai has pledged its support to the Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Cancer Charity Hospital, the UAE’s first charity hospital, the launch of which was announced recently.

The announcement came when Dr Raja Esa Al Gurg, chairperson of the Board of Directors of Al Jalila Foundation (AJF), and Dr. Abdulkareem Al Olama, CEO, AJF, addressed a high-profile audience at a recent event organised by the IBPC, the council said in a press release.

Dr Raja outlined the details of the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Cancer Charity Hospital stating that the Al Jalila Foundation will invest Dh750 million to establish a 250-bed hospital which will be built in 2 phases.

Phase 1, which has a total capacity of 150 beds, will commence construction before the end of 2021 and will be ready to admit patients as early as 2023.

Dr Raja added that the hospital will work with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medical Research Institute to advance cancer research and pave the way for breakthroughs to treat the disease and ultimately save lives.

The council stated that she also acknowledged the incredible support that she has received from the IBPC Dubai community since the Al Jalila Foundation was established in 2013.

Suresh Kumar, chairman IBPC Dubai, felicitated leading Indian philanthropists Dr Rajan Kilachand, Raghuveer Kataria, Dr Faizal Kottikollon and Shabana Kottikollon, who have contributed significantly to the Dh220 million already raised for the hospital.

The donors spoke of the need for the Indian community, who has benefited immensely from the generosity of this country, to give back to worthwhile charitable causes.

Suresh Kumar also assured AJF that IBPC Dubai will work closely with them to raise awareness and catalyse support for the Hospital, and that they will dedicate resources to this effect.

Dr Olama expressed his intent to continue finding solutions to many of the ailments prevalent in the UAE and the region.

Dilip Sinha, secretary general of the IBPC, thanked Dr Raja, Dr. Abdulkareem and prominent donors and dignitaries who were present at the event.

Paying tribute to the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum for his lifetime of service to the nation and extraordinary global philanthropic achievements, the hospital named after him is the first research-driven medical organisation of its kind in the Arab world.