Dubai: Milan Mahesh Jani from India and Muhammad Dawood Butt from Pakistan jointly won the 79th edition of the MEGA7 game with a prize money of Dh250,000, coming only one number short of the monumental Dh100 million Grand Prize.

In the latest draw, two fortunate participants, Michael Egbe Okwu from Nigeria and Raja Shekhar Chelimela from India, joined the international lineup of winners by securing victories in both the Raffle and Main Draws held last Sunday.

This underscores the exceptional opportunity for ticket holders to double their chances of landing bigger wins by participating in the draw.

Milan, from the Indian state of Maharashtra, first arrived in the UAE in 2008 and has been working in the construction industry, including on marquee projects like the Expo 2020 Dubai and Dubai Creek Harbour.

During his usual Sunday grocery run, he took a quick glance at his email and was delighted to discover that he had won.

Upon realising that he had won smaller amounts twice before, he was shocked to discover that he was in fact sharing the second prize of Dh250,000.

Lady luck shines

“I have been participating in Emirates Draw since it launched in September 2021, and it has since become a weekend ritual for me. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out I had won for the numbers I had selected on the same day,” said Milan.

Despite taking a nine-month break from the UAE in early 2022, 41-year-old Milan never stopped playing Emirates Draw MEGA7 and continued to do so after returning in October last year. “You never know when lady lucky will shine on you.

"I believe in hard work, a salaried job and by God’s grace I am happy with it. I’ve always had faith that persistence will eventually lead to a life-changing win,” he added. Milan plans to use his winnings as a down payment for an apartment in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Alternatively, he also plans to initiate a startup business with a few of his friends.

Believe you can win

Meanwhile, 30-year-old Muhammad, a Pakistani who was born and brought up in the UAE is quite new to Emirates Draw. He began playing last February 2023, after seeing ads on YouTube and quickly made it a weekly affair to play MEGA7 along with a few of his friends. He had previously matched three numbers and was praying to win something during the holy month of Ramadan.

“I was watching the live draw with my wife and child and was shocked when I matched six numbers. At first, I was disappointed that I didn’t get seven in a row to win the Dh100 million, but I will keep trying until I win.”

As a young father of a six-year-old, Muhammad intends to utilise his winnings to secure his child’s future through wise investments. He also added that if he wins a larger amount in the future, he would like to invest it in real estate and the stock market.

Muhammad believes that he has a better chance of convincing others to play the game now, stating: “What I’ve noticed is that many people don’t believe they can win unless they know someone who has. Now that I am a winner, I can happily encourage them to participate in Emirates Draw.”

Transcending borders

Milan and Muhammad’s MEGA7 wins exemplify how Emirates Draw transcends borders, offering everyone an equal opportunity to realise their dreams.

Emirates Draw MEGA7 has an impressive track record of delivering enhanced winning opportunities to its participants.

The Dh100 million Grand Prize, the largest prize across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, remains unclaimed by an individual or group that successfully matches all seven numbers in any order. Increase your chances of winning by participating in the next game, scheduled for broadcast on Sunday, April 4 at 9 pm UAE time.

The upcoming game will be live streamed across Emirates Draw’s digital platforms, YouTube, and Facebook. Be the next lucky winner and book your numbers early! For more information, call the toll-free number 800 7777 7777 or visit www.emiratesdraw.com.

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