Harmful deer placenta extract. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Ministry of Health and Prevention on Monday warned people about the risk of a dietary supplement derived from animals and being promoted on social media.

The supplement, ‘Purtier Placenta’, said to be derived from the stem cells of a New Zealand species of deer makes false and baseless claims of being beneficial in non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and as an aphrodisiac, the ministry said. The supplement is sold for Dh1,395 per piece.

Dr Amin Hussain Al Amiri, assistant undersecretary for medical practice and licensing sector at the ministry, said the claims made by manufacturers of animal derivative products for treatment of human conditions was unethical and misleading and would pose high health risks for the community. He added that sale of such products through social media with such non-scientific claims that were not backed by any clinical trials was risky. He asserted that such false claims were not supported by the health ministry’s body of approval, and was unsubstantiated.

He said that stemcells from a placenta was beneficial to the foetus and in some genetic diseases and cancer, but the claims made for this product were unethical.

He warned that anyone found dealing with this product in the UAE would be subject to legal action. The website peddling this product would be investigated as this would fall under the category of cyber crimes, and strict action would be taken.