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Dubai: A selective 100 per cent tax on tobacco and energy drinks, and 50 per cent tax on carbonated beverages effective the fourth quarter of this year, is drawing mixed reactions from residents.

The announcement was made by the Federal tax Authority (FTA) on Tuesday.

In conversations with Gulf News on Wednesday, when asked if they would stop smoking, some had different views on the implementation.

Erick, a French citizen in Dubai, said: “No, I wouldn’t stop smoking. Even if it’s 100 per cent, it will still be 50 per cent less than European taxation on tobacco.”

Mohammad, a Lebanese expat said: “No I wouldn’t. Even if the packs are Dh100, I will still buy. It is a habit to heavy smokers honestly.”

Pankaj Jautam, an Indian living in Dubai, said: “Well, I already reduced my smoking habits just for health benefits. But I think that this implementation is a good thing since it might help people reduce or stop smoking.”

Hadi, a Pakistani resident said: “I also reduced smoking to one cigarette per day and I am planning to reduce it even more just for the health benefits, honestly.”

Hannah, a Philippine expat said: “It would be really hard to quit even if the taxation is implemented, since I have been smoking for around 10 years, but I also want to reduce smoking for my health.”

Salah, a Lebanese expat said: “No way would I quit smoking. I think it’s not about the money, it’s the habit that smokers have, which I think wouldn’t make us quit even if there is a tax on tobacco.”