Music therapy
Thumbay Hospital in Ajman introduces music as therapy for long term care patients. Image Credit:

Dubai: Recognising the role that music can play in mitigating anxiety and depression, the long-term care unit of Thumbay University Hospital has added music to the enhance the healing of its patients.

The 350-bed hospital in Al Jurf, Ajman is now playing music for its residents in the long-term care facility to sooth their minds.

A number of recent studies have suggested the use of music can benefit patients especially those with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, can reduce agitation and unhappiness.

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The hospital is also making arrangements to enable patients play their favourite music instruments and create their own music, as part of the Long-Term Care unit’s efforts to help the patients pursue their creative interests and to keep them engaged in productive activities.

Unique way

Dr Manvir Singh Walia, COO of Thumbay University Hospital says that by providing music of the patients’ choice, the hospital has introduced a unique way to support them. “This is in line with our holistic approach to care. We have seen that long-term care residents are comforted by their preferred kind of music, helping them communicate more and better, and keeping them motivated on the path to recovery” he said.

Happy hour for patients at therapeutic garden

In addition, the hospital has also launched a “happy hours” initiative for its long-term care patients, under which they’ll be taken to the hospital’s Therapeutic Garden every Friday, for an hour of relaxation and being close to nature. Patients will be served free juices and snacks during the happy hour.

Lancelot Frank, an engineer and music enthusiast who was admitted to the unit at the hospital, who recently experienced a livemusic session greatly enjoyed the sessions and is said to have had an accelerated impact on his healing.