(clockwise from top left) Dr Humaid Al Shamsi, Dr Essa Aleassa, Sara Al Wahshi, and Dr Farhana Bin Lootah
(clockwise from top left) Dr Humaid Al Shamsi, Dr Essa Aleassa, Sara Al Wahshi, and Dr Farhana Bin Lootah Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: On the occasion of the second Emirates Medical Day today, Emirati healthcare professionals have reaffirmed their commitment to the wellbeing and care of residents in the UAE.

Speaking to Gulf News, the professionals also expressed their gratitude to the UAE’s leadership for their support and encouragement.

“As a healthcare professional, I am proud to be a part of this noble profession, and I am honoured to serve our society and provide hope, comfort, and care to those in need. Providing world-class care to patients and the community is our priority, and we are privileged to positively impact their lives,” said Dr Essa Aleassa, Staff Physician, General Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Digestive Disease Institute.

“The Emirati leadership has demonstrated a strong commitment toward UAE’s constantly evolving healthcare ecosystem by fostering innovation and creating a collaborative environment for healthcare professionals and institutions. We recognise the immense responsibility that comes with our profession, and we are grateful for the wise leadership of the UAE, which has provided us with the resources and support to deliver exceptional care, close to home. On this Emirates Medical Day, we celebrate the dedication and passion of healthcare professionals across the region and continue to put our patients first,” he added.

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Annual reminder

“Each Emirates Medical Day is a reminder of the tremendous progress the UAE has made in healthcare. Thanks to our wise leadership, our nation continues to make great strides in healthcare by adopting advanced technology and techniques and pursuing cutting-edge research to provide people with the highest standard of care. Emirates Medical Day is a special occasion that highlights the invaluable contributions of healthcare professionals and institutions towards the well-being of society. On this special day, I am proud to be a part of a community that works together to make a difference in the lives of those we serve,” said Dr Humaid Al Shamsi, consultant and director of Oncology Services at Burjeel Holdings.

Honouring workers

The UAE marks May 9 as Emirates Medical Day to honour Emirati workers in healthcare and recognise their contributions to society. Organised by the Emirates Medical Association, the day was first observed last year, following the immense efforts exerted by healthcare workers across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Emirates Medical Day is a time to celebrate efforts put in by Emirati caregivers across the UAE. It is an opportunity to also appreciate the UAE’s dedication to empowering youth in one of the most critical sectors in the country,” said Mariam Al Dhaheri, senior medical laboratory technologist at National Reference Laboratory.

(centre) Mariam Al Dhaheri, senior medical laboratory technologist at National Reference Laboratory.
(centre) Mariam Al Dhaheri Image Credit: Supplied

Expanding contributions

Emirati healthcare workers play a vital role in a number of medical fields, including surgery, physiotherapy and laboratory testing.

“I have had the privilege of working alongside therapists from different parts of the world, and I am glad to have played a role in improving cross-cultural awareness within my department, promoting greater understanding and acceptance. I am thankful for our leadership’s constant support, empowering us to provide quality healthcare services,” added Maryam Alblooshi, physiotherapist at Amana Healthcare.

“This day is very special for me, as I would like to be a part of the first batch of Emirati radiographers who will bring about impactful change in the field of radiology across the region,” said Sara Al Wahshi, radiographer at Capital Health Screening Centre.

“On this special occasion, I extend my warmest gratitude to the UAE government and fellow healthcare workers for their commitment to building a strong and effective healthcare system within the country. This day is a reminder to all Emirati caregivers, to take a moment and reflect on the achievements of the nation under the UAE’s wise leadership. Under their guidance, the healthcare sector has flourished.”

Valuable advice

Senior professionals also shared valuable advice on the day for their younger peers.

Dr Farhana Bin Lootah, internal medicine consultant at the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, said: “It’s great to have good technical skills, but I would advise aspiring healthcare practitioners to consider their ‘higher purpose’. Focussing on something new that fills a gap and adds value to society would be ideal. Once you narrow your focus, it helps to identify a mentor from whom you can learn from by observing their career path. Learning from experienced mentors who can guide you along the way is important. With the right focus and mentorship, you can build a healthcare career that benefits you and makes a positive difference in the lives of others.”

Dr Shaima Al Fardan, clinical psychologist at Mubadala Health Dubai, said: “Healthcare workers often face challenging situations. However, through discipline, dedication, and hard work, we can overcome these challenges and provide the best possible care to our patients. I am grateful to our leadership for supporting all healthcare workers. Thanks to their unwavering support we can perform our duties with excellence and make meaningful contributions to society every day.”