One-and-a-half-year-old Mohammed is now able to lead a normal life. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Mahzooz and Al Jalila Foundation in Dubai recently collaborated to save one-and-a-half-year-old Mohammed, who was born with a congenital disease, causing a blockage in his urethra and leading to kidney failure.

Al Jalila Foundation set up a fund-raiser to support the treatment of baby Mohammed, who had to undergo 13 haemodialysis sessions per month, cardiac imaging every three months, in addition to follow-up tests, medications and regular visits to a heart clinic and a nutritionist.

Thanks to kind-hearted individual donors who participated in the fund-raiser and to Mahzooz, which sponsored the remainder of the therapy, Mohammed is currently receiving medical care at one of the best hospitals in the UAE. Thankfully, this has made a positive impact on the emotional and financial wellbeing of his family and helped the toddler return to healthy life.

“As a parent, it was heart-breaking for us to see our baby in the condition he was in, and three months ago we were extremely worried about the lack of funds for his treatment. Initially, we were doing dialysis at home, but this was causing him recurring infections. Now, thanks to Al Jalila Foundation and Mahzooz, we can do his dialysis in hospital. He is currently getting some of the best treatments available and as parents we could not have been any more grateful,” said Mohammed’s father, who has been a Dubai resident for 20 years.

Farid Samji, CEO of EWINGS, the managing operator of Mahzooz, said: “When we learned about Mohammed’s situation, we immediately reached out to Al Jalila Foundation to see how we could help his family. We were able to cover the remaining cost of the treatment. His parents want him to be healthy, happy and enjoy life and that feeling is something that you cannot put a price on.”

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Founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Al Jalila Foundation is a charity organisation dedicated to promoting medical education and research in the United Arab Emirates.

Mahzooz, the UAE’s leading weekly raffle draw, has given away more than Dh200,000,000 in prize money and is committed to changing people’s lives through its social contributions, driven by its growing network of NGO partners.