Abu Dhabi: Authorities are cracking down against fake cosmetics in shopping centres across the emirate, seizing 2,523 products within January.

The Abu Dhabi Economic Department carried out the inspection campaign in coordination with owners of the trademarks in a bid to combat counterfeit products and to preserve intellectual property rights.

According to the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, shops that distribute and sell fake products are liable to a fine ranging between Dh500 and Dh20,000.

A recent study published by Global Online Shopping Survey earlier in Januray revealed that about 30 per cent of consumers unknowingly buying fake goods when making online purchases.

“It has far-reaching consequences and negatively affects brands, consumers and the economy at large. From a brand point of view there is the loss of revenue, loss of customer trust and loss of market confidence,” read the report.

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“For consumers, many are duped into buying fake goods (our research consistently shows that most shoppers would never intentionally buy a counterfeit product online), which means they’ve lost their money and could even be placing themselves at risk.”

The study further added that up to 45 per cent of online shoppers were worried that they might be buying counterfeit goods, while 49 per cent of shoppers intentionally purchased fake goods.