Makeup: For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Thousands of counterfeit cosmetic products valued at Dh1 million have been seized in Dubai, a police official said.

Colonel Omar Mohammad Bin Hammad, deputy director of the Anti-Economic Crime Department, said the products were seized during a raid on a warehouse in Bur Dubai.

“We received information about a warehouse with fake products. We raided the place and found 220,000 fake cosmetic products and make-up [kits] carrying famous brands’ logos. [The seized products were] worth Dh1 million,” Col Bin Hammad said.

An Arab national running the warehouse was arrested.

“The warehouse was raided just before the products were to be distributed in local markets,” Col Bin hamad said.

The seized products included different types of lip stick, nail polish and powder.

Colonel Bin Hamad said that people selling fake products are increasingly hawking their wares on social media, rather than on the streets.

He urged public to buy products from verified shops and avoid buying cosmetics from individuals selling on social media or online.

“[The] public should buy products from original shops in the country. We call on people to report immediately if they come across counterfeit products or people selling them. Don’t be lured by cheap prices of the product,” he added.

Meanwhile, Col Bin Hamad said that Dubai Police were monitoring and raiding warehouses where counterfeit products are stored.

“Many warehouses store the products the wrong way and it endangers the lives of customers. It is a global trade that affects legitimate businesses. We regularly inspect shops and warehouses to seize fake goods and raise public awareness about them,” Col Bin Hammad said.