Some of the counterfeit items seized by Abu Dhabi Police. Image Credit: Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Counterfeit items worth more than Dh100 million have been confiscated from various commercial outlets in Abu Dhabi during the last nine months.

According to a press release on Sunday, the Abu Dhabi Police seized more than 1.3 million items including counterfeit products of 31 famous international brands of gold jewellery, medical equipment, vehicles’ oil, accessories, perfume, sunglasses, watches, bags, wallets, shoes and other goods.

Brigadier Mohammad Suhail Al Rashdi, Acting Director of Criminal Security Department, said that the fake items werer recovered during raids at various shops and warehouses. They were also stored in violation of safety regulations, he added.

He urged consumers to avoid purchasing counterfeit goods. He also asked the trading companies to report any such cases that damage their commercial interests to help tackle the menace of counterfeit items.

Those arrested for possessing and selling the counterfeit items have been referred to the judicial authorities for legal action.