Protocols for hair cutting are no longer the same in kids' salons post-pandemic Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Is your child in need of a haircut or trim and needs to go to the salon? In keeping with COVID-19 protocol post-relaxation of movement restrictions, children are allowed to be taken to salons. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has tweeted that it is safe to take children to salons, provided all COVID-19 safety protocols were strictly adhered to by the guardians and also by the salons.

Many mothers who had been trimming their children’s hair at home during movement restrictions over the pandemic are now looking for clean salons. If you are planning a visit to a salon for your child, you need to look out for the following details:

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Precautions for mothers and children:

• Do not go to the salon if your child has fever or any respiratory ailment.

• Make sure your child and you are wearing a face mask and so is the service provider at the salon.

• If you notice that the service provider is coughing or looks ill, cancel the appointment and walk out after informing the manager of the reasons.

• Carry your child’s drinking water and refuse to accept any tea, coffee or water at the saloon.

• It is preferable to use your own shaving tools, nail clippers. If that is not possible make sure the service provider properly sterilises the tools before use.

• Maintain safe distance from people at all times.

• Pay by tapping your credit card to minimise source of contamination.

Precautions to be observed by the salon:

• Accept your client only by appointment, no walk-ins.

• Before accepting the appointment, make sure the guardian understands the rules of engagement and knows it is mandatory for both the guardian and child to wear masks.

• Make sure that you have one child at a time in your salon to manage the situation.

• Tools such as nail clippers, combs, brushes, and a pair of scissors must be sterilised properly and used only on one client per sterilisation. After every hair cut, the tools need to be sterilised again.

• Use only disposable, single-use towels.

• Make sure that only one individual accompanies the child for the appointment.

• Make sure that both the guardian and child do not have any respiratory infection. If you spot any infection you can decline to go ahead with the appointment.

• Sterilise the seats and the place after the exit of each client.