Dr George Jacob, President & CEO of Bay Ecotarium on climate conservation Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Grammy winners will come together for a climate concert during UN COP28 in Dubai.

The climate concert titled “Resonance” is being hosted by San Francisco based Bay Ecotarium — California’s largest watershed conservation group.

The climate concert in sync with UN Cop 28 will be held at the Dubai Opera on December 6, 2023.

Gulf News talks to Dr. George Jacob, President & CEO of Bay Ecotarium on climate conservation, the climate concert and more.

The climate concert “Resonance”

The climate concert titled “Resonance” is a musical tribute to our planet. It is set to take place at the Dubai Opera on December 6, 2023 in sync with UN COP 28. ‘Resonance’ will feature multi-Grammy winner and UN Goodwill Ambassador Ricky Kej. He will be accompanied by legendary drummer and co-founder of The Police, Stewart Copeland. Dubai-based Firdaus Orchestra led by Maestro Monica Woodman will be part of the climate concert as well. It is the first eco-conscious music fest that strives to orchestrate awareness and empower collective action. We are hosting this climate concert. Tickets can be purchased via Dubai Opera’s website.

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Dr George Jacob with Maestro Woodman of the Dubai based Firdaus Orchestra Image Credit: Supplied

Bay Ecotarium

Bay Ecotarium is a non-profit organisation with a 42-year history. It is committed to climate literacy. It’s non-profit mission and mandate is global with initiatives ranging across the globe. It is important to drive home the urgency of climate literacy which is the bedrock and prerequisite to informed, sustained climate action. The concert we are holding in Dubai is a step towards that. All proceeds go towards climate literacy with local programmes in UAE.

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Climate literacy

In 1945, representatives of 50 countries gathered in San Francisco to draft the UN Charter that changed the world and 2023 marks the 78th birth anniversary of the United Nations. It is time to change the world by spawning a much-needed new UN- United Nature!

One of the biggest impediments of understanding Climate Change today is the inability of the general public to grasp data, realising the urgency of the need to cut carbon emissions and the price of inaction. Without public awareness, democracies struggle to engage their constituents in informed policy changes and allocating program funds on a priority basis.

Focus of conversations at COP28

One of the most pressing questions relevant to the Middle-East would be the future of oil. Divesting from fossil fuels to renewables is a heavy lift. Timelines and commitments to cut Green House Emissions would be under scrutiny. Announcements will have to be augmented with time-bound Actions. Regional audiences and stakeholders will need informed engagement on Climate change between now and COP28 and beyond for sustained action.

UAE’s efforts for climate change

With Dubai unveiling the Museum of the Futureand other projects focusing on SDG Goals and natural history, UAE is invested in the right direction. With informed audiences, comes a collective call for informed action. Inter-connected institutions dedicated to climate awareness are vital to mitigating the greatest existential threat faced by humanity today.

Climate change action

We are transforming the conversation on climate, environment, clean energy, oceans, policy, pollution, sustainability, architecture, conservation, research, innovation, solutions, and consumerism into the world’s first living museum and immersive aquarium of its kind dedicated to climate resilience and Ocean Conservation.

Conservations on living museums

Documentaries, books and social movements on climate and oceans have spurred a flood of conferences, symposia, panel discussions. From melting polar ice-caps that encompass 80 per cent of the Earth resulting in sea level rise to choking coral reefs, to frequent monster storms, and unchecked carbon emissions, the existential catastrophe is heading straight at us.

Yet, we go about life, oblivious and unaware of the mounting man-made problems and approaching natural disasters. The climate and ocean conservation living museum is being conceived to connect the blue and green dots that provides not only a comprehensive overview of the threats facing humanity, but brings to the fore the heroes and the best minds from around the world at work, to bring us hope.

Awareness and action

The life-giving oceans are the nectar of all things animate and inanimate as it is one of the most powerful forces of nature that shape and reshape our planet. The aquarium not only offers a lens into the incredible marine biodiversity, but exposes the fragility of interconnected ecosystems impacted by reckless human behaviour that has both short and long term devastating effects.

Impact living museums

Apart from sharing history, culture, traditions and customs through layered exhibit experiences, the extension and educational aspects of the Bay Ecotarium will impact augmented learning, attract blue-green investment, connect the dots between stakeholders, industry, innovation, policy and prototypes to better understand the problems facing our planet, and seek solutions.