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Abu Dhabi Police on Saturday issue strict guidelines on vehicle decoration on the occasion of the 52end Union Day. Photo for for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Abu Dhabi: As the UAE gears up to celebrate its 52nd Union Day, Abu Dhabi Police have laid out specific rules to ensure public order and safety during the festivities.

In a public announcement, the police have stipulated guidelines, which including categorically prohibiting all marches and random gatherings.

Decorations shops are specifically instructed not to display any flags or posters unless they are of the UAE flag or related to the Union Day.

Individuals celebrating the event must strictly adhere to traffic rules and unquestionably follow any directives given by police officers. Any use of party spray by individuals, whether in vehicles or on foot, has been declared strictly off-limits.

Furthermore, the police have banned any tampering with vehicle number plates, changes to the colour of vehicles, and the darkening or tinting of windshields in all scenarios. Only the Union Day stickers that comply with certain regulations are permitted on vehicles. The authorities have also prohibited exceeding the designated vehicle occupancy limits for passengers, including practices such as exiting from windows or sunroofs.

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Additionally, vehicle owners are advised that any modifications that could impact the engine structure or visibility, especially alterations to the exhaust system, are not allowed. Disruptions to traffic flow or any form of road closure are also forbidden during the celebrations.

The Abu Dhabi Police have made it clear that failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate fines and penalties, especially targeting drivers and decoration shops that do not adhere to the stipulated guidelines. These regulations will be enforced from November 27 to December 4 to coincide with the Union Day festivities.

Union Day guidelines
Police guidelines for the Union Day celebrations Image Credit: ADP


Marches and random gatherings are not permitted

Decoration shops owners are forbidden from installing any flag or poster, except for the UAE flag or Union Day posters.

Celebrants must strictly adhere to traffic rules and unquestionably follow police officers instructions.

Keep the volume of songs at a minimum, allowing only those related to the Union Day

The use of any spray (party spray) by the driver, passengers or pedestrians is strictly prohibited.

Do not wear scarves, except for the Union Day.

Do not tamper with the front or rear number plates

Do not change the vehicle colour, and tint the windshield under any circumstances

Raising of flags of any countries other than the UAE is strictly prohibited

Refrain from affixing any stickers, signs, or logos on the vehicle, with the sole exception of the Union Day stickers following the specified rules and conditions.

Do not cover the vehicle’s side, front, or rare windows with stickers or use a front

Do not exceed the permitted vehicle occupancy limit, and strictly refrain from exiting through the windows or sunroof at any point.

It is strictly prohibited to take part in stunt driving on both internal and external roads.