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The upgrade app for Smart Dubai introduces a series of advanced features, including the comprehensive and customisable monitoring dashboard. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Smart Dubai has launched a new upgrade to its ‘Smart Employee’ application, completely redesigning it to offer a seamless experience for Dubai Government employees.

The upgrade introduces a series of new and advanced features, including the comprehensive and customisable monitoring dashboard, which seeks to meet the needs and preferences of Dubai Government employees who use the Government Resource Planning Systems (GRPS).

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Another prominent new feature is the use of UAEPASS, which allows users to access the app using their secure national digital identity without needing to remember any username or password.

“Smart Dubai develops its applications to meet people’s real-life needs,” said Wesam Lootah, CEO of the Smart Dubai Government Establishment. “With that in mind, we are continuously developing our smart services and applications. Smart Employee is one of our leading applications launched to support Dubai Government employees and provides users with a digital work environment that allows them to seamlessly and efficiently fulfil their tasks wherever and whenever they want.”

Everyday tasks made easier

Smart Employee was originally designed to offer several features to Dubai Government employees digitally, saving them time as they execute various everyday tasks and processes. These included applying for leave, sending thank-you cards to colleagues, Smart Path, obtaining senior management approvals, along with several other features.

Wesam Lootah

The upgraded and redesigned Smart Employee application brings a host of additional features, such as Digital Certificates and Smart Attendance. The app also allows employees to submit digital requests to their managers and to track those applications real-time. This, in turn, enhances efficiency and supports the Dubai Paperless Strategy.

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The application’s new design offers a unique experience for more than 55,000 employees at 58 Dubai Government entities, facilitating their access to a wide variety of employee services any time and from anywhere.

The latest version of the Smart Employee application is available on Google and Apple app stores.