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Dubai Police, in cooperation with partners at local and national levels, recently organised the EXPO 2020 security review meeting for liaisons officers at Dubai Police Officers Club. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Liaison officers from 34 countries reviewed security plans, scenarios and procedures for the upcoming EXPO 2020 in Dubai to check the readiness of teams and committees involved.

Dubai Police, in cooperation with partners at local and national levels, recently organised the meeting for liaisons officers at Dubai Police Officers Club.

During the meeting, Dubai Police officials presented security procedures at checkpoints, as well as the mechanism for training employees on security devices, securing gates in cooperation with partners, and how national service recruits could help in this regard.

Dubai Police also showcased the mechanism for securing Expo 2020 with the help of different sectors and strategic partners at the local and federal levels. The mechanism includes three key sectors: operations, support and backing and criminal investigation.

The participants also reviewed advanced systems and the mechanism of the Joint Operations Room for EXPO 2020. They were also briefed about the latest services and initiatives that enhance security and safety for the much-awaited event.

E-crime platform

Officers from the e-crime department at Dubai Police briefed the participants on the platform which allows members of the public, private and public entities to report issues and crimes online, like suspicious emails, social media-related issues, hacking, online bullying and cyber-extortion.

‘Oyoon’ programme

Dubai Police also showcased the Oyoon (Arabic for ‘eyes’), an AI-based advanced surveillance programme, utilising data analytics to prevent crimes and respond quickly to emergencies. It also helps reduce traffic accident deaths and congestion.

The programme, which Dubai Police will be utilising to secure EXPO 2020, relies on all cameras in Dubai being linked to one central command room, providing rapid response to crimes, security breaches and traffic issues.

Police Eye

The meeting included a presentation of ‘Police Eye’ service- a smart programme available through the Dubai Police App which allows members of the public to report suspicious activities and submit security tips in total confidentiality.

The service aims to maintain security and reduce crime through encouraging the public to easily report illegal activities and violations. ‘Police Eye’ allows people to attach videos, photos or voice messages and even pin the location of the incident when filing a report.

Strategic partners

A number of strategic partners made presentations on pavilions and facilities, transportation plans, entry procedures at Dubai airports, Next Generation Border, passport control readiness, smart gates, smart tunnel using IRIS and facial recognition, medical services, safety procedures, as well as evacuation plans.

The meeting took place in the presence of Brigadier Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Al Mualla, Director of Excellence and Pioneering at Dubai Police, Brig. Expert Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, Assistant Director-General for Fire and Rescue at Dubai Civil Defence and a group of security partners with liaison officers from 34 countries.