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Prosecutor Hassan Saleh al Dhaferi (left) with Tarik Saif (bottom right) from Dubai Public Prosecution during the virtual session.. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a negative impact on people on multiple fronts, Dubai Public Prosecution feels that the one major positive from this extraordinary situation has been the way it has helped forge stronger ties between children and their parents.

According to Prosecutor Hassan Saleh Al Dhafery, Assistant Chief Prosecutor of Deira, number of cases related to minors has dropped since the spread of coronavirus. However, prosecution didn’t provide the exact number of cases involving minors that were registered during the pandemic.

Hassan Saleh Al Dhafery

“Dubai Prosecution recorded fewer cases involving minors during COVID-19. Home quarantine and remote-working had a positive impact as they strengthened family ties and made parents know their children’s needs better,” said prosecutor Al Dhafery during a virtual session on children’s legal rights in the UAE.

The session organized by Community Development Authority in collaboration with Dubai Public Prosecution.

Prosecutor Al Dhafery said that UAE was a very safe country for children as it has very strong laws when it comes to ensuring child safety and fighting child abuse. “The UAE is keen on protecting children against all forms of violence. It gives top priority to children’s care and development. Many laws and legislations have been issued in the UAE since 1972 to ensure children’s rights. The latest law, known as Wadeema’s Law, aims to protect children from violence in the family,” added Al Dhafery. Federal Law No 3 of 2016 concerning child rights stresses that all children must be provided with appropriate living standards, access to health services, education, equal opportunities in essential services and facilities without any kind of discrimination.

The law protects children against all forms of negligence, exploitation, physical and psychological abuses.

According to Al Dhafery, prosecution has issued Child Rights Document to raise awareness among community members about the rights and laws in the UAE related to children. Moreover, Dubai Public Prosecution said it has special rooms for questioning or taking testimonies from children or to interrogate minors.

“We have trained social experts and special rooms for prosecutors when they question children or minors,” he added.

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Don’t involve the child in family disputes

Meanwhile, Maitha Al Suwaidi, social expert with Dubai Public Prosecution, pointed out that it is a mistake to involve children in family problems. “It is wrong to involve the child in family problems as it can cause psychological disorder in the child and he or she may develop a tendency to assault parents or get involved in crimes,” Al Suwaidi cautioned.

She urged parents to speak more often with their children and enhance the trust between them in order to keep children away from bad company.