Choithrams Pallavi Thapa for web
As a cashier at Choithrams Pallavi Thapa gets the opportunity to interact with and meet the needs of the brand's valued customers every day Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

Pallavi Thapa and Vijesh Kumar Kizhake Veedu are Indian expats who work for the UAE-based supermarket chain Choithrams.

Pallavi, a store cashier who has been associated with the brand for the past three years, says, “I am responsible for ensuring accurate billing of all customer purchases, handling cash and card transactions and customer returns. More importantly cashiers like me get an opportunity to directly interact with customers and this sets the standards of customer service at Choithrams.”

Vijesh, who has been working as a shop assistant with Choithrams for nine years, feels his job is no less critical. “I have to make sure that each and every item the customer ordered is accurately sourced for delivery. This includes ensuring the product size, flavour, quantity and quality is as per the order.” One small flaw could mean a disgruntled customer. “I cannot let a mistake happen under my watch.”

As a shop assistant, Vijesh needs to ensure each and every product ordered by the brand's online customers is accurately sourced, selected and delivered Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

In these difficult times, as the UAE wages a tough battle against the coronavirus, workers such as Pallavi and Vijesh have been on the frontlines, risking their lives and putting the needs of their valued customers above their own to ensure their needs are met at all times.

We’re going through extraordinary times. As an essential services company, we retail and distribute food products. Which means we are open, working harder and longer to serve our customers in our stores and distribute to other hypermarkets in the UAE. On the front line are our heroes like Thapa and Kizhake Veedu. They represent thousands of our team members. We are very thankful to each one of them, those at the front-end serving walk-in customers, online staff managing home deliveries, and those working behind the scenes in multiple departments ensuring essential supplies reach our customers. With their tireless dedication during this time, we continue delivering our full of goodness promise.”

- Rajiv Warrier, CEO, Choithrams

“For instance,” says Pallavi, “some customers don’t want to wear a face mask or gloves. We have to tell them that it is for their safety, and ours. Our commitment to our jobs and facing these situations on a regular basis give us the confidence to protect ourselves and our customers.”

“Besides, the number of orders online has also increased substantially since the lockdown began,” says Vijesh. “This has been a challenge as it meant speeding up sourcing and delivery while continuing to ensure that the quality of produce does not slacken, but customers are happy and increasing in numbers and that can only be a good thing.”