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Recovery vehicle seen helping a car after heavy rain on Saturday 11 January 2020. Photo: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News Image Credit:

Abu Dhabi: Professionals, laymen and even some government departments are still unclear about insurance cover for rainwater damage caused to vehicles, a member of the Federal national Council said on Tuesday.

Hamad Al Rahoumi, First Deputy Speaker of the House, told the House what makes matters worse is that some insurance companies avoid paying for repairs of submerged vehicles.

Al Rahoumi put a question to Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, concerning cover for rainwater damage, what UAE motorists need to know, right policy and process needed to be in place before insurance payout for repairs.

Al Rahoumi said clarification is needed about vehicle insurance cover for rainwater damage, when damage caused by flooding is covered, when rainfall is considered a natural calamity and what is the process needed before care repair is done.

“Insurance cover for rainfall damage is still a controversial issue and need to be settled completely and finally. As the UAE has experienced heavy rain, UAE motorists took to the social media and radio talk shows to seek answers to their questions about whether their insurance policies will cover the damage caused to their cars submerged by recent rainwaters,” Al Rahoumi said.

The minister said in a letter to the House only certain types of car insurance covers damage caused by rainwaters.

According to the Unified Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy, unless a weather pattern is declared a “natural calamity” by a competent authority, damages caused by it must be covered by the comprehensive insurance policies.

The UAE Insurance Authority has clarified that damages caused by the recent rains will be covered by insurers unless a resolution issued by the competent authorities consider the heavy rains a flood or natural calamity.

The authority said only comprehensive insurance covers for damage caused by rainfall.

Third-party insurance, in which the cover is only for damage to others caused by the motorist, does not pay for car repairs needed after rainwater damage.

However, some insurers cover natural calamities as additional benefit under motor insurance policy.

Experts advise residents to take insurance policies, which cover natural calamities as they are unpredictable most of the times.

An expert advised policyholders should look out for natural calamities coverage under the policy schedule of benefits, and go through the fine print surrounding such coverage.

Rain damage – what motorists need to know

  • Only comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by rainwaters unless it is declared a natural calamity.
  • Third-party insurance does not cover car damage by rainwater
  • Car is parked and not driven during the flood
  • There is a police report on the car’s condition/circumstances