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The aim of the camp is to provide students with hands-on experiences and practical knowledge in various aspects of pharmacy. Image Credit: Shutterstock ( Representational image.)

Dubai: Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls has announced its first summer camp for Grade 11 and 12 students.

The college, founded in 1992 by the late philanthropist Hajj Saeed bin Ahmed Al Lootah, will hold the summer camp from June 19 to 23 at its campus in Muhaisnah, Dubai.

Saeed Ahmed Khan, dean of the college, said the five-day camp is designed to inspire high school girl students as they explore pharmacy as a career option. Dispelling the myth that a pharmacist’s role is limited to dispensing medicines in a pharmacy, Khan explained that the pharmacists are medication experts on the healthcare team.

“They work collaboratively with physicians, other healthcare providers to treat, prevent illness, improve and monitor people’s health. Pharmacists’ professional training gives them full mastery of medication therapy, with the goal of improving a patient’s quality of life,” he said.

Pharmacists work in a variety of settings, including community-based pharmacies, long-term care facilities, hospitals, clinics, research labs and the medical and pharma industry.


Growing demand

“Careers in pharmacy consistently rank at the top in many European countries, the United States, and the Middle East, for salary, job satisfaction, growth opportunity, and work-life balance. The demand for well-trained pharmacists continues to grow, especially for women.”

Elaborating on the details of the summer camp, Khan said that the aim of the camp is to provide students with hands-on experiences and practical knowledge in various aspects of pharmacy.

“Students will engage in hands-on activities that introduce the pharmacy practice and perspective on the numerous ways a pharmacist contributes to improving people’s health...Students can enrol in the camp by June 15. The fee includes course activities, materials, refreshments, lunch every day and a certificate. Students can win many exciting surprise prizes and scholarships to enrol at the college,” Khan said.

Topics covered

Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls will train studentsabout healthcare, communication skills, pharmaceutics, cosmetics preparation like lipsticks and body lotion, compounding and pharmaceutical preparation (mouth washes, lozenges, pharmaceutical chemistry) and laboratory experiments. Natural product activities - testing purity (of honey, olive oil and perfumes for example) clinical pharmacy - medication dispensing activity, and learning about medication safety will all be covered in the course.