Still from video of the latest innovation from Dubai Municipality, which has an "unlimited range" of remote control using the 5G network Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Municipality on Monday unveiled its latest innovation, a smart marine scraper designed to collect floating waste in creek and canals.

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Developed locally by Emirati talent in collaboration with a boat factory, the scraper is operated remotely and can be controlled over an “unlimited range”, with real-time monitoring facilitated through satellite technology. It features a control system that leverages 5G networks to execute precise marine manoeuvres, ensuring efficient waste collection, the municipality said.

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The scraper has an intelligent marine survey system that identifies waste sites and starts the removal process. It also features an interactive external environment system, which enhances marine safety by automatically preventing collisions. The scraper offers enhanced productivity, allowing it to collect and transfer 1 tonne of floating marine waste.

Dubai Municipality has assigned a team to oversee the cleanliness of water canals and creeks spanning over 3km (19 nautical miles). This team comprises 12 marine captains, 25 workers and sailors, and 12 marine vehicles. The team is committed to conducting daily cleaning tasks according to the work plan. They will also carry out field follow-ups around the clock.