Nine artists' works on show are diverse, yet they converge on one theme - leading a sustainable lifestyle Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The Green Art Expo 2024 in Abu Dhabi is more than a typical exhibition of works - it is a platform for action.

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The event, which runs till February 22, invites the public to contribute towards initiating a one-year pilot recycling programme. By purchasing art, merchandise, and participating in events of the Green Art Expo, attendees will support the launch of the recycling programme in partnership with local universities and schools.

The initiative underscores the power of community engagement in driving environmental change.

At a glance
What: Green Art Expo 2024
Where: Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi
When: Daily from 10am to 8pm until February 22

Artist, producer, environmentalist

The Expo marks the third edition of the environmentally-driven initiative Green Abu Dhabi. Established in 2010 by artist and producer Suhail Jashanmal, along with other active community members, the Expo has evolved into a platform for addressing and solving environmental challenges through community action.

NAT GREEN ART 2114-1708164013302
Suhail Jashanmal says the conveniences we enjoy don't have to come at an overbearing environmental cost Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli/Gulf News

This year’s focus is on intensifying recycling efforts, inspired by the UAE government’s dedication to environmental sustainability highlighted by COP28, the UN Climate Change Conference held in Dubai in December 2023.

Jashanmal told Gulf News: “This exhibition comes in line with the UAE government’s focus on COP28 and it emphasises recycling as a critical challenge. The event aims to raise awareness about individual waste footprints to simplify recycling efforts.”

He added: “I came up with this idea in 2008 through my talks with many partners after a fire I had put out in a mangrove. Since then we had a Green Abu Dhabi 1, then Green Abu Dhabi WFES [World Future Energy Summit] and a Green Abu Dhabi 2. Green Art Expo 2024 is the third Green Abu Dhabi specifically focused on recycling, due to COP28.”

NAT GREEN ART 134-1708163977176
One of the works on display at the Expo, being held at Manarat Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island till February 22 Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli/Gulf News

Challenging - but crucial

Jashanmal said it is not easy to rally the community for recycling.

“The steps to organise it [Green Abu Dhabi] take almost one and a half years and are too numerous to put down [in brief]. The main purpose is simple - awareness and public feedback. The main obstacles are the convincing the sponsors to support us... and convincing the public to attend. I expected it to be a huge challenge because it always is, because for most people recycling is not a simple idea to get emotional about. But it should be done nonetheless because it is crucial.”

NAT GREEN ART 1Y76-1708163992401
Suhail Jashanmal making a point about an artwork at the Expo Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli/Gulf News

He pointed out: “If people still believe their waste is not important enough to look into, we will soon be in big trouble. The UAE government, of course, understands the urgency on waste, but getting that across to the people is always the biggest challenge in a town where we enjoy our conveniences.”

NAT GREEN ART 197-1708163987332
There's a variety of displays under the overarching theme of environmental awareness Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli/Gulf News

Diversity in art, harmony in action

The 2024 Expo ‘Generations’ art exhibit focuses on the contrasting perspectives on sustainable development, bringing together nine diverse artists to explore the UAE’s rapid development and its impact on sustainability. The exhibition - featuring two Emirati, one Omani, three Indian, one Austrian, one American, and one British artist - delves into the importance of understanding and implementing recycling practices across generations.

NAT GREEN ART 21122-1708164002408
(from left) Muhammed Shafi Muhammed Ali, Almer Agmyren, Suhail Jashanmal, Felicia Agmyren, Jason Moore, and Andrew Wong Image Credit: Afra Al Nofeli/Gulf News

This artistic endeavour aims to transform the wisdom of the UAE’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, on the significance of the past in shaping the future into actionable insights for recycling.

• Omani artist Salim Al Kaabi offers a take on the past through innovative cyanotypes.

• Austrian artist Genoveva Kriechbaum contrasts the UAE’s past and present through photographic prints on aluminum.

• Street photographer Muhammed Shafi Muhammed Ali captures the hopes and environmental concerns of migrant workers.

• Veteran Indian artist Anjini Prakash Laitu reflects on natural environments versus urban growth.

• Designer-turned-artist Andrew Wong uses recycled paper to critique our current lifestyle and its sustainability.

• Emirati artist Azza Al Qubaisi showcases the potential for recycled materials in art.

• Scientist and artist Dr Jasmine Pradissitto introduces sculptures made from air-purifying Noxorb.

• Moosa Al Halyan and Shahul Hameed Saludheen, from the UAE and India respectively, present visions of a future shaped by our actions towards recycling today.

Cultural Foundation Abu Dhabi invites everyone to join this vital conversation on sustainability, promising an enriching experience that combines art, education, and environmental activism. For more details on the exhibition and how to contribute, visitors can explore the Cultural Foundation’s offerings and join the journey towards a greener tomorrow.

The event, a project of Link Design General Trading led by Jashanmal, builds upon the success of the previous two editions. Jashanmal serves as both an artist and curator/producer for Green Art Expo 2024. The initiative is supported by the Embassy of Indian in Abu Dhabi and Manarat Al Saadiyat, a creation of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi.

Artists’ take on the themes

The Past

Salim Al Kaabi: “By mixing science and art, we can reveal secrets of the past.”

Genoveva Kriechbaum: “My theme is about prosperity and identity, and the threat of turning our reality into a plastic material world.”


Muhammed Shafi Muhammedali: “Collective progress towards sustainability begins with individual actions.”

Anjini Prakash Laitu: “My love of colours is a reflection of the communities we build together.”

The Present

Andrew Wong: “What is the price of your convenience?”


Azza Al Qubaisi: “Like a Desert Rose, a delicate balance is required between nature and technology for us to fully bloom.”

Dr Jasmine Pradissitto: “Despite all our ingenuity, we must remember we are not separate from nature, but born from it.”

The Future

Moosa Al Halyan: “The path our future takes depends on what we do now.”

Shahul Hameed Saludheen: “The Future is bright. Take control of your Destiny.”