Saplings of the native Samar trees were planted in Al Munai area Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) planted 3,023 native saplings of Samar trees in Al Munai area, south of Ras Al Khaimah, on Saturday as part of its annual tree planting campaign, ‘For Our Emirates We Plant’.

According to EEG, more than 1,200 people from the academic, private sector and the government took part in the event that was held under the patronage of Sheikh Salem Bin Sultan Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, member of the Executive Council of the Government of Ras Al Khaimah and Chairman of the Department of Civil Aviation.

Sheikh Salem said: “I am very appreciative towards EEG for conducting their tree planting annually in this special Bee Reserve. When I see all the people gathered here today – children, parents, families, companies amongst others, it fills my heart with much joy.”

He added: “My dream of educating the people in this country of the importance of honey bees and providing these precious creatures with a habitat to thrive is coming into fruition. As our children grow, they must do so with a positive attitude and with a profound respect towards nature and all the creatures that live within.”

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Urban afforestation

EEG cofounder and chairperson Habiba Al Mar’ashi said: “Urban afforestation programmes, in addition to providing a habitat for the local bees, insects and other native species, act as a natural carbon sink. They contribute to the mitigation of carbon emissions in the UAE and help accelerate the progress towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

She added: “Since the inception of this campaign in 2007, EEG has planted a total of 2,114,318 trees across the UAE including the ones being planted today. These trees are sequestering 12,467 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually, which is equivalent to removing 2,657 cars off the road for one year. This year, a total of 9,069 trees have been planted in UAE and next year, we will aim to plant more.”