Abu Dhabi will impose a Dh1,000 fine against shops that do not offer litter bins in their establishment. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: GN Archives

Abu Dhabi: The municipality has started to issue fines against shops with no waste baskets in a bid to prevent the unhygienic practise of littering.

Abu Dhabi City Municipality and Waste Management Centre Tadweer kick-started a massive campaign to stop littering and the improper disposal of waste disposal.

As part of the authorities’ efforts to curb the tossing of rubbish, establishments will now be issued with a Dh1,000 fined if they do not provide dustbins in their vicinity.

Abu Dhabi Dh1,000 fine against littering
Abu Dhabi City Municipality and Tadweer collaborated in a campaign to prevent residents from littering and to maintain the city’s cleanliness. Image Credit: Supplied

The warning was issued as part of the authorities’ campaign to prevent the random throwing of waste outside containers and to maintain the city’s cleanliness.

The campaign is held under the theme, "The beauty of our city lies within its cleanliness".

Municipal authorities also urged community members and shop owners against throwing rubbish on streets or near their premises.

The municipality stressed that its inspection teams have intensified their monitoring campaigns, in cooperation with Tadweer in shops, commercial business districts and residential areas, to preserve the general appearance.

Municipal officials pointed out that they carried over 236,000 inspections on shops, construction sites, industrial zones and other establishments last year, which included 102,300 inspection visits related to public health in shops, worksites and industrial zones. Another 1,724 visits were carried out in construction sites.

List of fines

  • Dh1,000 fine for littering in public places, including spitting.
  • Dh1,000 fine and 6 black points for motorists caught littering on the roads.
  • Dh10,000 fine for dumping agricultural waste in non-designated spaces.
  • Dh10,000 fine for dumping building material waste in non-designated spaces.
  • Dh100,000 fine for dumping construction or sewage waste in non-designated spaces.