Authorities in Abu Dhabi have reminded residents of hefty fines ranging from Dh1,000 to Dh100,000 fines for littering and dumping waste illegally. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abu Dhabi: The UAE has always had strict laws in place to ensure public hygiene, and these regulations have become all the more relevant in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abu Dhabi’s municipal sector regulator, the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) and its Waste Management Centre, Tadweer, have recently reminded residents about the fines applicable for offences like littering, improper waste disposal and dumping. Other fines for littering on the roads are also imposed by Abu Dhabi Police as part of the Federal Traffic Law.

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Here is a list of the various penalties you should be aware of:

Dh1,000 fine for littering in public places. This includes acts like spitting.

Dh1,000 fine for motorists caught littering on the roads. Six traffic black points are also added to the driver’s record.

Dh10,000 fine for dumping agricultural waste, such as from farms and gardens, in non-designated spaces.

Dh10,000 fine for dumping building material waste in non-designated spaces.

Dh100,000 fine for dumping construction or sewage waste in non-designated spaces.

Abu Dhabi Police highlighted in 2020 that this fine will be slapped on drivers found tossing face masks and gloves from their cars onto the roads. So, although it is mandatory to wear a face mask in public as a precautionary measure against COVID-19, all used masks and personal protective equipment must be properly disposed of in designated trash bins.

Where do the fines apply?

The DMT has said that littering fines apply for violations in public spaces like roads, beaches, parks and even parking lots. The authority is continuing to issue regular alerts on the violations through its social media platforms.

In addition, Tadweer, in cooperation with local municipalities and Abu Dhabi Police, regularly organises clean-up campaigns for parks, campsites and beaches in the capital.