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Kids were taught about the importance of trees and their role in making Earth a liveable planet. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: British Orchard Nursery is going paperless for a week across its branches in the UAE to create awareness on the dangers to the ecosystem and to make the children more environmentally conscious, it said on Monday.

Children were taken to parks in Dubai for ‘tree-hugging’ sessions, and later planted vegetable seeds in the nursery premises. Children were also taught about the importance of trees and their role in making Earth a liveable planet.

Dr Vandana Gandhi, CEO and Founder of British Orchard Nursery, said: “Our aim is to make young children aware of the evils that our eco-system is facing and what practical steps they can take in order to bring some stability to it. Hugging trees has been an age-old exercise, and children more than adults understand the feeling of touch, be it people or trees. We hope this will help to create a strong bond between them and Mother Nature.”

She added: “Moreover, we at British Orchard Nursery are going paperless for a week as a tribute to the burning Amazon in particular and our planet in general. We believe that such measures leave a lasting impact on young minds, and they also open up to the various options they can choose from in order to save trees.”

Over the last few weeks, the fires in the Amazon rainforest has wiped out acres of forest land, destroying homes of indigenous tribes and threatened millions of animal species.

The British Orchard Nursery said its curriculum focuses on “green methodology and through various practical approaches not only instils compassion for planet Earth in children, but also teaches them how to attain the CSR functions of the UN 2021 goals”.