Delegates enjoying greenery on the sidelines of the Arab Media Forum in Dubai on Wednesday Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Media can play a big role in mitigating climate change not only by providing credible environment data but also by presenting information in a simplified manner that will allow faster and wider dissemination of stories, a top media executive said at the final day of the 20th Arab Media Forum (AMF) on Wednesday.

Sophie Huet-Trupheme

Sophie Huet-Trupheme, global editor-in-chief of Agence France-Presse (AFP), who spoke about ‘Climate change and its impact on the newsroom’, said journalists have a big role in raising public awareness on environmental issues.

An effective way to do this is train journalists in effective environmental reporting, which she defined as visually-driven. “Reporters must understand the context and choose the right terminologies,” she added.

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Media collaboration

Huet-Trupheme also called for media institutions to cooperate in developing a comprehensive strategy that highlight and find solutions against dangers of climate change.

She noted that the temperature in the region is expected to rise by up to 5C by the end of this century that will result rising sea levels as well as an increased risk in agriculture and food security.

“The media can prevent further damage. We must hold decision-makers accountable to make a lasting change and inform the public properly,” she added.