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Emirati author Hanadi Al Fahim celebrates her love for the Emirates and its nature with the launch of her first children’s book – The Little Ghaf Tree. Image Credit:

Abu Dhabi: Emirati author Hanadi Al Fahim is celebrating her love for the Emirates with the launch of her first children’s book – The Little Ghaf Tree.

The first Emirati author to write about the characteristics and benefits of the UAE’s national tree, Hanadi has actively supported the nationwide campaign led by Emirates Nature-WWF in partnership with Al Fahim Group in 2006, to save the Ghaf tree from becoming endangered.

Her commitment to the cause and national outreach was instrumental in the tree being awarded the status ‘National Tree of the UAE’ in 2008.

“My admiration for the Ghaf tree and all that it stands for started in 2006,” said Hanadi. “I wanted to write a book about the tree in a way children would enjoy whilst learning all about it at the same time. My hope is for children to embrace the values of the Ghaf tree, expressed in the storyline of the book, which emphasise on giving, resilience, kindness and coexistence and to carry them through to their adulthood.”

Aimed at children aged five to ten years, Hanadi brings to life the flora and fauna of the deserts of the UAE and follows the adventures of a little Ghaf tree with delighful tales of family and friends and life in the desert.

Hanadi’s words are brought to lifeby the magnificent illustrations of talented artist Shahul Hameed. Hameed’s realistically drawn illustrations transport readers into the desert world, where he portrays the natural habitat of the UAE in stunning detail and vibrant colours.

Every bird, animal and insect drawn is an actual replica of the real life species in the UAE desert, with a pictorial glossary page at the back of the book for children to refer to and acquaint themselves with the species that live in the wondrous Ghaf tree.

The book is available in both English and Arabic in all major bookstores around the UAE and on Amazon. A huge hit already, it is being deemd as a valuable tool in educating, both children and their parents about the traits of the national tree and the rich biodiversity it supports.