Dubai: In the heart of Bangalore, Prakash Babu, a hardworking father and husband, has long dreamt of breaking free from the burdens of debt. However, last weekend fate took a turn with an unexpected opportunity in the latest Emirates Draw MEGA7.

While Freddy Gomez, a UAE resident from South America, and first-time participant Prakash Babu from Bangalore, India, both stood a heartbeat away from the Dh100 million Grand Prize, their fortunes still transformed.

Both walked away richer by Dh125,000 each, their hearts overflowing with happiness and gratitude.

Although Freddy, has his own stories of dreams and aspirations, it was Prakash’s touching story that deeply resonated with many. At 47, life has often shown him its tougher side.

School dropout

Born to a humble family where his father worked as an auto-rickshaw driver, Prakash had to drop out of school to start working to support his family financially. Today, he works at a Logistics Company in Bangalore, earning a simple salary. Despite years of hard work, he lives in a rented flat with his devoted wife and young son, dreams of owning a home still distant.

Upon realizing he’d won, Prakash was overwhelmed. The thought of reducing his debts and potentially offering his son a better future brought tears to his eyes.

“All my life, I’ve struggled financially. I didn’t get a good education or job, but I dream big for my son. I want to give him the education I never had,” Prakash shared, his voice mixed with emotion. The weight of debts has always been heavy on his shoulders. “I’ve lived in debt for so long and this win is a chance to break free.”

But Prakash’s vision goes beyond just his family.

“I was born in tough times, but I won’t let that define me. I understand the pain of lacking the basic needs like food, a roof, education. If I ever win the Dh100 million, I will share half of it to uplift those who struggle like I did,” he emphasized.

Prakash’s heartfelt journey aligns beautifully with Emirates Draw’s slogan: For A Better Tomorrow. His story confirms that the organisation is indeed a beacon of hope for countless dreamers in the UAE and around the world.


The largest weekly draw in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, held every Sunday at 9 PM UAE time, offers participants a Grand Prize of Dh100 million and 15 Guaranteed Winners of Dh10,000 each.

Dh100 million up for grabs

The Dh100 million MEGA7 Grand Prize remains up for grabs. Join the next draw on Sunday, 10th September 2023, at 9 PM UAE time. Dreaming of turning your life around? Book your numbers now! For inquiries, call 800 7777 7777, visit www.emiratesdraw.com, or follow @emiratesdraw on social media platforms.