Emirates Draw winners set for hearwarning family reunions in the UAE.
Emirates Draw winners: The exceptional weekend, which coincided with the festive holidays, offered an additional surprise for its participants in the form of the Eid Al Adha Guaranteed Raffle, giving them the chance to win an all-expenses-paid vacation to be with their loved ones. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Eid weekend was filled with joy and hope for Emirates Draw participants as they eagerly awaited the results of its three exciting games: EASY6, FAST5, and MEGA7. The result saw a total of 12,824 fortunate individuals walk away with an impressive sum of Dh670,164 in prizes.

Perfectly timed to align with the festive holidays, this special weekend held an additional surprise for its participants in the form of the Eid Al Adha Guaranteed Raffle with the opportunity to win an all-expenses-paid trip to reunite with their loved ones.

As many as 18 participants won the rare opportunity. Among the lucky winners was, Linda Padis Rinos, a hardworking admin assistant from the Philippines, who appreciated her mother’s constant support.


Mum’s blessing

As fate would have it, on a busy Monday after the Eid holidays, Linda’s world was momentarily shaken when a phone call from Emirates Draw interrupted her daily routine to inform her of her win with EASY6. She initially thought it was a scam. However, a persistent second call convinced her it was real, and she took it in private, away from her busy surroundings.

Linda Padis Rinos from Philippines-1689052557505
Lucky winner Linda Padis Rinos. Image Credit: Supplied

At that moment, Linda couldn’t believe her ears. “I have never won a penny in my life, so winning an all-expenses-paid trip seemed unreal to me,” she confessed. Living in the UAE for over five years with her supportive mother, who had been her pillar of strength, Linda always had the desire to do something extraordinary for her. So, this unexpected win was a blessing.

Linda felt immense gratitude as she thought about her mother’s presence in her life. “Sometimes, I ask my mother to pick the numbers and I think her blessings played a role in this win as it is not only a gift for me but also an opportunity to honour my mother’s love and sacrifices.”

Thanking father with family reunion

Another story is that of Mohamed Hazaan, a diligent security officer from Sri Lanka. For over 13 years, he had made the UAE his home, all while carrying within him great admiration for his father’s selflessness. Witnessing his father’s commitment to his family’s well-being when he was growing up, Mohamed had always wanted to return that immense love and sacrifice in a meaningful way. And so, the Eid Raffle win with FAST5 was the perfect opportunity for expressing his gratitude.

Mohamed Hazaan from Sri Lanka-1689052559507
Mohamed Hazaan with his family Image Credit: Supplied

“My father is my guiding light and inspiration,” said an emotional Mohamed. “I have seen him work very hard for us, always ensuring that our every need was met. Even now after his retirement, he lives a very simple life to ease any financial burdens on the rest of our family. With this win, I want to show my father my appreciation for all that he has done for us over the years.”

For Mohamed, his win meant far more than the prize itself. It was a long-awaited chance to cherish irreplaceable moments with his wife, two children, and parents. This win granted him the precious gift of togetherness, offering him the opportunity to create lasting memories and fulfilment of quality family time.

First international trip

On the other hand, Rudy Norris, a South African living in Abu Dhabi, had always wanted to bring his beloved family to the UAE. Despite winning only small amounts in previous Emirates Draw games, he never lost hope. Little did he know that fate had something extraordinary in store for him with the Eid raffle.

As Rudy sat through a long work meeting on Monday, post-Eid Holidays, his mind was filled with the usual Monday blues. However, all of that changed with a single phone call from Emirates Draw. The news of his raffle win with FAST5 completely took him by surprise, turning his day into an unforgettable one. Overjoyed, he exclaimed, “I have been planning to fly my family - my mother, brother, sister, and nephew - to the UAE. This win has made my dream a reality.”

Rudy Norris, from South Africa-1689052563089
Rudy Norris, a South African living in Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Supplied

Rudy had always wanted to show his family where he lived and worked, and through this win, that dream is finally coming true. “Living far away, I miss my family a lot, especially on festive occasions,” he said. “I used to always share photos and videos of my life here with my mother, but this win allows me to bring them to experience this beautiful country in person.” This trip would be the first international trip for Rudy’s family from their home country, and the thrill and anticipation in his voice said it all.

Grateful beyond words, Rudy expressed his appreciation to Emirates Draw for their initiative in uniting families, especially in the post-pandemic era. The raffle win not only brought great joy to Rudy’s heart but also filled his friends with happiness. “I had invited my friends over for dinner on Monday evening, and after I shared the news with them, at first, they didn’t believe me,” he laughed. “But after showing them the congratulatory email confirmation, they were surprised and genuinely happy for me.”

Beating post-holiday blues

Meanwhile, Dmitrii Vorontsov, a law graduate from Russia, was on the last day of his vacation in Germany when he received an unexpected phone call. He and his wife were sad to end their holiday, unsure of when they would have another chance to escape their hectic lives. Then they received a surprise!

When Dmitrii answered the call from Emirates Draw, he could hardly contain his excitement. It the first time he had participated in Emirates Draw. With a mix of surprise and disbelief, he said: “To be honest, I was a bit sad on the last day that our vacation was coming to an end. But, when I got the call from Emirates Draw, the phone signal was not good, but when I finally received the confirmation, I immediately shared the amazing news with my wife.”

Dmitrii Vorontsov, from Russia-1689052561642
Dmitrii Vorontsov, a law graduate from Russia, was on the last day of his vacation in Germany when he received an unexpected phone call telling him about the raffle win. Image Credit: Supplied

Initially assuming it was a prank, his wife was unaware that Dmitrii had purchased a ticket for the MEGA7 draw. When he showed her the congratulatory email, their joy knew no bounds. The vacation, which had been filled with bittersweet farewells, now ended on an extraordinary note. They returned home, already looking forward to the all-expenses-paid trip courtesy of Emirates Draw.

For Dmitrii, the win is not only an unexpected one, but a sign to continue participating in Emirates Draw. His new passion developed out of his desire to win the MEGA7 Grand Prize of Dh100 million one day and make sure that his family can fulfill all their dreams.

To date Emirates Draw has awarded over Dh100million in prizes to 548,000 winners. The excitement continues with the upcoming games that will be live-streamed across Emirates Draw’s digital platforms.