In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, one phenomenon has captured the world's attention like never before: Artificial Intelligence (AI). From our homes to our workplaces, AI is infiltrating every aspect of our lives, transforming how we interact, communicate, and conduct business.

Its influence is undeniable, and the global community eagerly embraces AI's potential to revolutionise industries, solve complex problems, and create a future that was once confined to science fiction. The global embrace of AI has sparked a wave of innovation, and you could be the next person to ride this transformative wave. With Murdoch University Dubai's Bachelor of Information Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems, you can be the creator of the following biggest AI software.

Murdoch University Dubai is at the forefront of innovation in academia. This unique program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of AI and equips them with the skills to design and implement cutting-edge AI models. Be the ones who create software like Bard and Midjourney instead of the ones that use them.

The program emphasises the importance of data visualisation and storytelling. Students will learn to leverage cutting-edge visualisation tools such as; D3.js, Unity3D, Unreal, WebGL, XR technologies, and devices. This skill set will enable them to communicate insights and captivate audiences through data-driven storytelling effectively.

Another notable feature of Murdoch University Dubai's program is the opportunity to pursue double majors. In addition to specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems, students can choose to combine their studies with:

· Cyber Security and Forensics

· Business Information Systems, or

· Computer Science

Murdoch University Dubai is one of the first universities in UAE to have a double major course of Bachelor of Information Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems along with Cyber Security and Forensics. This flexibility allows students to expand their knowledge and enhance their career prospects by developing expertise in multiple areas.

One of its students, Jeremiah Webb, says, “Murdoch University has offered me an amazing opportunity to study in two of the world’s most evolving and changing fields: Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence. There is always something new out there for either discipline…and over the course of my degree, I have seen immense progress, explored a variety of interesting topics and did more research than I thought I would in a bachelor’s degree. It will serve me well moving into the automated age of the future, and serve as the foundation on which I build up my skills and progress my career.”

Moreover, students will have the chance to explore the immersive world of VR/AR technology. With advanced VR/AR technology, they can delve into multidimensional data visualisation and simulation. This hands-on experience will provide a unique perspective on AI and keep students ahead of the curve in this rapidly advancing field.

Exciting job prospects await you in various industries, with high demand for skilled professionals. Future career options include:

• Artificial Intelligence Programmer/Software Developer

• Artificial Intelligence Systems Analyst

• Artificial Intelligence Software Architect

• Data Scientist and Risk Analyst

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