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Find out what you can expect in the new term and how schools in the UAE plan to conduct classes, exams, admissions along with a raft of Covid-19 precautions and social distancing measures in place. Image Credit: Shutterstock

After months of e-learning followed by summer holidays, heading back to the classrooms will be a welcome step for families, students and the academic fraternity in the UAE.

At the start of 2020 most of us didn’t know what Zoom was, yet now it’s as common as opening the fridge door in the morning. The frustration of many parents, who have been trying to work from home and simultaneously help teach their kids during their e-learning sessions, has no doubt dominated social conversations this year as it became a normal that no one could have predicted.

However, students returning to classrooms isn’t all smooth sailing yet. This year presents a new set of challenges for students, teachers and families, as classes are set to return with a raft of Covid-19 precautions and social distancing measures only adding to those first day nerves many students' experience.

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In 2020, classes will have a hybrid system; with some students in the classroom and others opting for online classes, which presents its own challengers for teachers and students.

Thankfully the UAE has formulated very stringent guidelines for schools, parents and students in order to achieve the best results possible, as they embark on the next academic term.

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As children gear up to head back to school, there are plenty of questions from everyone about how to go about this transition. How can schools ensure the maximum safety of their students in classrooms and play areas? How will they run on-campus classes and distance education at the same time? How will schools contain the spread of infection? What are the best practices to follow for both students and teachers? What about admissions, exams and financial support for families?

Gulf News will help you answer these and more queries about the start of a new term as you join our academic experts and panelists from top UAE schools in this exclusive webinar on Tuesday, August 25, at 11am.

Our expert panelists will discuss:

• How the beginning of a new academic term will look like 

• Steps to keep students and academic staff safe after reopening

• How to help students transition to the new normal

• Admissions procedure and exams

• Financial support for parents to tide over the crisis

Participating in the webinar are:

Dr Neil Hopkin, Executive Principal, Sunmarke School, Dubai

Mr Amol Vaidya, Senior Director Operations, Global Indian International School, Dubai

Mr David William, Acting Principal, Regent International School, Dubai

Ms Naomie Etheridge, School Registrar, Amity International School, Abu Dhabi

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