Ruth Mukherjee, 17, a student of The Winchester School – Jebel Ali (WIN) who is battling cancer, celebrates his stellar A level results and the Principal's High Aim Award he received as a special honour.. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai-based student battling cancer has done himself, his family and his school proud after acing his A levels despite the odds.

Ruth Mukherjee, a student of The Winchester School – Jebel Ali (WIN), said he has been undergoing treatment for lymphoma, a type of cancer that begins in the cells of the lymph system for over a year. However, that did not stop him from achieving his academic goals.

The 17 year old said the immense support he received from his teachers, parents and friends helped him overcome the challenges and score well in his exams, whose results were just announced last week.

Ruth Mukherjee, second from right, with his mother Sreejita on the right and school principal Meenakshi Dahiya and deputy head of secondary Mohamed Nisar at WIN in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

For the first part of the school year from September to December, Ruth said he studied remotely, dividing his time between hospital treatment and recovery.

“During this time, my teachers would teach the rest of the class and then come online again straight afterwards to take me through the same lesson,” said Ruth, who scored an ‘A’ in Business Studies and accounting and a ‘B’ in Mathematics. “The support I received was so important to me,” he added.

In the midst of it all, Ruth said he even had to travel to Israel during summer for one part of his treatment. This meant he had to miss his Economics exam, as a result of which he could not add to his tally of top-class results.

He said he was feeling “fine” now after his return from Israel and was ready to resume his academic journey.

His aim is to get into a UAE-based university to study Economics.

“Longer term, I would like to go into business myself and pursue trading,” he let on.

WIN Principal Meenakshi Dahiya said: “Supported by his teachers, family and friends, Ruth worked tirelessly to keep up with his studies often completing his assignments and revising the subjects from his hospital bed.

“His unwavering dedication and positive spirit inspired everyone around him. Despite the odds, Ruth not only managed to compete his A level exams but also achieved astounding grades in his subjects. His achievement is a testament to his perseverance and determination.”

As a special case, Ruth was awarded the Principal’s High Aim Award at the WIN graduation ceremony in June to celebrate not only his academic endeavours but also his calm and progressive approach. Unfortunately, he could not attend in person as he was still undergoing treatment. But he is extremely grateful for the honour.

Cambridge Board students received their results a week ahead of other A level students in the British curriculum schools last week.