UAE University has launched the Alumni Award scheme to recognise graduates who have made significant contribution to community and society. Image Credit: Supplied

Al Ain: UAE University has launched an award scheme to recognise graduates who have made significant contribution to community and society. The award will be an annual event with awards based on applications submitted to the university’s Development and Alumni Relations Unit. The application period is open from today until January 6, 2022.

The associate provost for research, Dr Ahmed Ali Murad, serves as the chair of the Alumni Award Committee. He explained that the Alumni Award is part of the UAEU’s strategy to build partnerships with its graduated students. “The UAEU wants to recognise the distinctive, positive contribution made by graduates to their community and society. Programmes such as the UAEU Alumni Award are typical practices of leading international universities. They work to promote the value of the university and increase international recognition. Moreover, Alumni Award Programs reflect the culture of excellence in higher education and motivate university graduates to continue this culture in their lives and careers. They encourage graduates to continue their professional development after graduation, and to drive innovation, entrepreneurship and scientific inquiry in their fields of work,” Dr Murad said.

Explaining the relevance of the Alumni Award to the development of the UAEU he further said: “The Alumni Award places the University at the centre of a network of national and international graduates and serves as a measure of our educational success. It enables us to trace the impact of the UAEU in the lives and careers of graduates.”

The Alumni Award will make 28 prizes in four categories:

• Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

• Community Engagement

• Women’s Empowerment

• Wall of Honour

Applications will be evaluated by an Awards Committee on the basis of established criteria.

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A description of the Alumni Award and categories is available on its website, which also contains guidance for applicants. Applications should be made through the website: English:; Arabic: