529 students graduated, of which 425 are undergraduate students and 104 graduate students Image Credit: Supplied

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Sharjah: American University of Sharjah (AUS) celebrated the achievements of its Class of Spring 2022 at a graduation ceremony held at Sharjah’s University City Hall on Saturday.

A total of 529 students received their degrees in various majors offered by the university at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr Susan Mumm, Chancellor of AUS, congratulated the graduating students on their dedication and perseverance.

“As you begin a new chapter in your lives, remember that there is nothing more wonderful than pursuing your dreams and realising your full potential. As you embark on this new journey, you will be guided by the education and experience you received at AUS, and we cannot wait to see you achieve greatness in your respective fields. Be bold, trust yourself and persevere in the face of challenges,” she said.

Graduates recall journey

Nadin Abdelfatah, who graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the College of Architecture, Art and Design (CAAD), said: “I have definitely matured a lot since my first year at AUS. I’ve become more confident and honest with myself. I’ve also become more proactive and involved with those in my CAAD community. Somehow, I’ve grown more to not only project my own voice but also the collective voices of those in my architecture major.”

Dina Abou Ismail, a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance with a minor in marketing from the School of Business Administration (SBA), said: “I’m someone who used to be very shy and timid, but because I joined a lot of student organisations and cultural clubs, I learned how to communicate with other people more. I’ve worked on my own personal development skills a lot more.”

Class of Spring 2022 Speaker Mahra Talib Almarri, a management major, addressed the graduating cohort saying: “Today is our day to celebrate all our achievements and dedication while continuing to believe in our abilities to chase our dreams and ambitions. It is today that we make up for every minute we spent in the library, every sleepless night and every overwhelming exam or project we have worked on. Whatever you will end up doing, never stop working hard, striving for the best, and most importantly, believing in yourselves. This will help you thrive in this world despite all the ongoing pandemic, anxiety, economic and political instabilities around the world. We believed and we made it.”

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In total, 529 students graduated, of which 425 are undergraduate students and 104 graduate students. The graduating class comprises 216 men and 313 women. UAE nationals make up 114 of the cohort’s graduates. Breaking down the figures by college shows 112 graduated from the College of Architecture, Art and Design; 77 from the College of Arts and Sciences; 144 from the School of Business Administration; and 196 from the College of Engineering.