Dr Susan Mumm and Colonel Sami Khamis Al Naqbi signing the agreement at AUS on Tuesday Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: American University of Sharjah (AUS) and Sharjah Civil Defence will collaborate closely on training, executive education and internship programmes, according to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two institutions on Tuesday at AUS.

Dr Susan Mumm, Chancellor of AUS, and Colonel Sami Khamis Al Naqbi, Director-General of Sharjah Civil Defence, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organisations.

Programme for professionals

According to the agreement, AUS and Sharjah Civil Defence will collaborate to introduce the first executive education training programme in the Middle East for professional engineers, engineering consultants and engineering experts working in the field of construction, safety, and fire engineering and petroleum.

Training and internships for students

In addition, students from the AUS College of Engineering (CEN) will receive training in the latest measures in safety and fire engineering, as well as have internship opportunities that will hone their skills and prepare them for work in the public sector. Both parties will participate in each other’s events, panel discussions, exhibitions and conferences on safety and fire engineering.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Mumm said: “We are pleased with our collaboration with Sharjah Civil Defence. This agreement is a reflection of our commitment to working with our partners in the community to provide students with opportunities that enrich their university experience and allow them to put what they have learned into practice, as well as to support the advancement of the emirate of Sharjah.”

Investing in human capital

Al-Naqbi said: “The agreement comes in fulfilment of the principles of the Year of the 50th by investing in human capital by developing education, nurturing specialised professionals and enhancing skills. This programme is the first to be offered in the country, similar to what other world universities offer, to achieve and maintain preventive safety.”

Col Al Naqbi told Gulf News the academic programme is aimed at third and fourth year students, with some optional and others compulsory.

He added that the department will provide students with a competitive edge in the job market as they will study theoretical aspects at AUS while gaining practical experience through internship training at Sharjah Civil Defence.

The programme will be activated in January 2022. It could eventually be transferred to a four-year study programme with a bachelor’s degree, Col Al Naqbi said.