rafah gaza
The Gaza Strip after a recent air strike. The conflict has severely impacted the ability of students to continue their education without assistance. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: In response to the urgent needs faced by Palestinian students abroad, particularly those from Gaza, the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation (AGF) today announced the launch of its Education Relief Fund. The initiative aims to provide financial assistance to students pursuing medicine, health sciences, and STEM fields at universities outside their homeland and whose education has been disrupted by the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Until recently, these students were supported by their families, with all educational expenses paid for, never anticipating that they would face such hardship. However, the recent conflict has severely impacted their ability to continue their education without assistance.

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The Education Relief Fund aims to provide grants that will cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other essential costs for students nearing graduation, facilitating their timely completion of studies amidst escalating conflict. The programme targets Gazan and West Bank students in their final year of study or required training, who are studying abroad.

AGF has pledged to support 900 students to complete their university education, recognising the urgent need to address the acute educational disruptions caused by the conflict. The programme is implemented in collaboration with United Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP), a trusted partner offering comprehensive support to marginalised communities through educational initiatives.

“The ongoing conflict in Gaza has placed immense hardship on its population, including in education,” said Sonia Ben Jaafar, CEO of AGF. “Through the Education Relief Fund, we aim to mitigate some of these challenges for students who are nearly completing their higher education. This fund is not only a lifeline to safeguard their future opportunities, but also contributes to strengthening the healthcare workforce essential for the region’s recovery.”

Together, AGF and ULYP are dedicated to a transparent and accountable distribution of the funds, ensuring the support extend beyond financial assistance. This initiative is a crucial step towards empowering these students to overcome current adversities and emerge as key contributors in driving positive change within their communities.