First responders from Dubai Police Maritime Rescue Patrols battled rough weather, high waves, and strong currents to rescue the people in distress Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police Maritime Rescue Patrols recently rescued two people stranded between rocks in the middle of the sea near Jebel Ali.

Colonel Dr Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi, director of Ports Police Station, said they responded to a distress call about two individuals whose rubber boat was swept off the rocks by the high waves during the recent unstable weather conditions.

“The bad weather, high waves, and strong currents posed serious threats to our first responders who defied the odds to rescue the distressed,” he added.

Col Al Suwaidi said with preparedness for all types of scenarios, Dubai Police maritime rescue patrols headed to the stranded inflatable boat and after several attempts successfully transported the two individuals to the shore safely.

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‘Sail Safely’

Dubai Police urged owners of boats, ships and yachts to take advantage of the ‘Sail Safely’ service through the smart app of Dubai Police.

The ‘Sail Safely’ service can track a cruise’s journey; warn users about any delays during the trip; identify hazards; send distress requests directly to the Dubai Police; facilitate rapid emergency response; determine the location of those in distress as well as the type and degree of distress severity. The service also provides users with free and easy to access interactive marine maps. It also allows users to determine the emergency, such as risk of drowning, collision, shortage of fuel, or boat malfunction.