Dubai Municipality has turned old shipping containers into drive-through Recyclable Materials Collection Centres.

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has turned old, but unused, shipping containers into drive-through Recyclable Materials Collection Centres.

The new project using cargo shipping containers is considered one of the smartest and most environmentally sustainable centres, the civic body said.

The first centre which has been opened at Al Mamzar Park, aims to reduce waste production in the emirate of Dubai, promote a culture of waste separation, and raise recycling rates, thus enhancing the quality of life of individuals in general.

The project comes in line with the Municipality’s corporate social responsibility towards all segments of society, and in support of its efforts in implementing sustainable projects in the field of separating waste from the source and diverting it from the landfill path.

Dubai Municipality emphasised that the launch of this project represents a significant move in advancing integrated solutions that seek to lower Dubai’s waste, adopting safe and healthy disposal methods and waste treatment process, as well as raising recycling rates.

The facility will produce a number of beneficial outcomes in line with Dubai Integrated Waste Management Strategy 2021–2041. The most significant among these will be promoting the culture of separating waste at the source and reducing waste that ends up in landfills, which will in turn help improve the recycling industry in Dubai.

Drive-through, open 24/7

The Municipality further stated that the Centre will be open 24/7 to serve customers, including people of determination. The civic body highlighted that the centre is designed to enable customers to utilise it without leaving their vehicles, through the designated entry and exit points.

In designing the Centre, the Municipality relied on old and unused 40 cubic meter-capacity cargo shipping containers, by reconfiguring and manufacturing them according to the best approved environmental standards.

The capacity of the recycling Centre is one tonne and it uses multicoloured containers to gather as many recyclable items as it can, including paper, carton, plastic, metals, discarded electronic devices, used mobile phones, and dry batteries. To track the quantity of materials collected and measure its size, remote sensors are connected to every container in the Centre.

Furthermore, the Centre makes use of solar energy to meet its electricity demands. It also features a Makani number – 3345601198 – for smart geographic addressing of locations. This helps individuals to plan their routes and reach the facility quickly, easily, and accurately.


Dubai Municipality has effectively coordinated with organisations in charge of providing care for people of determination, such as Dubai Club for People of Determination and the Community Development Authority to implement the project and encourage them to directly visit and use the Centre.

In keeping with its objectives to preserve the environment and Dubai’s pristine appearance, this project supports the Municipality’s efforts to create sustainable projects and environment-friendly initiatives that meet the needs of People of Determination.

Currently, the Municipality is strengthening its strategic partnerships with several organisations and partners as part of the project’s development plan, to explore ways to set up such centres in multiple locations including education centres for the people of determination as well as large public parks.

Dubai Municipality said it constantly strives to implement sustainable projects and programmes that aim to maximise the use of waste, utilise those in various recycling programmes, and divert them from landfills.

Additionally, it ensures that societal segments and organisations adhere to the best international practices in the fields of waste separation and sustainable disposal, as well as creating recycling techniques that cater to the core principles of circular economy.