Dubai: Dubai Police helped a Sri Lankan father, stranded in the transit area of Dubai airport due to a fake passport, visit his daughter in Switzerland.

The father was travelling to Switzerland to see his daughter — a resident of that country — but was denied entry after passport control in Switzerland discovered that his passport was fake. He was sent back to Sri Lanka through Dubai where he asked for help from Dubai Police.

Colonel Mohammad Al Murr, Director of Human Rights Department at Dubai Police, said: “We helped him by contacting the United Nations refugee agency to solve his problem and arrange travel documents for him. We also contacted his daughter so she could to issue a visit visa for her father. After 12 days, he managed to travel to Switzerland to see his daughter.”

Dubai Police also paid for a fresh ticket as part of its Human Rights Department mission to help people.

Col Al Murr said that they helped many cases recently with money and support.

“We also helped an employee in Dubai Police become a father after he came to us asking help. We paid for his infertility treatment. The man managed to have a son after many years,” Col Al Murr added.

Dubai Police also helped a blind employee by providing a reading machine worth Dh27,000 for him.

“We want to solve people’s problems as it is part of Dubai Police’s mission to not only to catch criminals, but also help society,” Col Al Murr said.