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Gas stove. For illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Stock photo/Pexels

Dubai: Aimed at ensuring safety of residents from cooking gas-related accidents, Dubai Municipality has listed the preventive measures to be taken while handling cooking gas cylinders.

“Improper handling of gas cylinders could result in dangerous incidents at home. To ensure your safety and that of your family, use gas cylinders properly and follow preventive measures when stored or used,” the civic body said in a tweet.

The preventive measures include:

Choose the right place to put the gas cylinder (safe, well ventilated, and outside the kitchen)

Do not tamper with the gas cylinder and extensions, and follow the accompanying safety instructions

Check the gas pipelines, valves, and the rubber connection hose periodically

Make sure that the gas regulator is closed when you finish using it

Keep the gas cylinder away from flammable materials, electrical switches, and heat sources

Avoid rolling or placing the gas cylinder on the ground horizontally

Avoid connecting multiple cylinders to one cooking device or making any modifications to its supplies

Make sure that the approved flame retardant is always installed and avoid any direct connection